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Everyone knows sandwich crusts should match

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SwissCheeseIsHolyCheesus Tue 09-Mar-10 13:39:40

Just had this argument discussion with dp when he caught me rearranging his sandwiches, he says it dosent matter.

I say it does.

The bottom crust should match the bottom crust, and the top crust should match the top crust, it looks better, is tidier and holds the filling in better.

When was the last time anybody saw a shop bought butty with unmatched crusts hey ??

So tell me, am I being unreasonable to sneak behind dp and match his crusts for him ??!!

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 09-Mar-10 13:42:02

You are mad

But you are also right.

I get apoplectic if someone opens a bag of crisps upside down.

That is just so wrong. My head cannot comprehend anyone who could do this - seriously. I feel dirty just thinking about it.

l39 Tue 09-Mar-10 13:43:39

My dh insists on this and also that his toast is made with the bread the right way up. I think he's a loon.

TheCrackFox Tue 09-Mar-10 13:44:32


Have you got a good divorce lawyer?

nannynobnobs Tue 09-Mar-10 13:45:18

The slices should also align left to right too, ie should go together the way they were taken off the loaf. It should MATCH!

DramaInPyjamas Tue 09-Mar-10 13:47:31

HATE the crisps opened upside down thing.
And I prefer to only eat triangular sandwiches, go in a strop at the sight of a rectangular one.
A habit now picked up and practiced by the kids!


SwissCheeseIsHolyCheesus Tue 09-Mar-10 13:48:06

Thank you all, the whole lot should be matching, exatly what I said grin

TheCrackFox Tue 09-Mar-10 13:50:28

DramaInPyjamas - you are quite right about the triangular sandwiches. DH eats rectangle ones, I sometimes wondered why I married him sad.

His behaviour is escalating, however, as lately he has taken to not cutting the sandwich in half at all. sad sad

MummyElk Tue 09-Mar-10 13:51:20

as i saw this i thought, i BET this argument was with a man...
definitely should match. i would probably have to sneak behind him to match them too if i NOTICED....but i think for my sanity i would try to avoid noticing.....
the other thing me and DH argue about is.....putting milk in the tea cup WITH the tea bag before adding the hot water... this is WRONG surely angry...the tea needs to brew before adding the milk?
sorry, not hijacking. match your crusts away!!

OTTMummA Tue 09-Mar-10 13:56:58

mummyelk i find a lot of northern people do the milk&tea bag in the cup before hot water! drives me insane too
however if making a pot of tea, i always put milk in the cups before, and let people pour the brewed tea in themselves, i know thats also insane, but a habit i picked up from nan!

also sandwiches should always match! and have the top and bottom crusts cut off and cut into 4 triangles

ShellingPeas Tue 09-Mar-10 14:04:36

The bread must definitely match both top and bottom and sides or it is very, very, wrong.

If the bread is not a square sandwich loaf then you have to cut it down the centre, from top to bottom so that you have two halves which are roughly the same. Square slices must be cut diagonally.

Tis the law.

Rockbird Tue 09-Mar-10 14:07:12

Rectangle sandwiches for at home, triangle are a shop bought treat. Matching is very important though, as I told myself when making my squashed tiger loaf sandwiches this morning. All sticking up bits must align or the world stops.

petisa Tue 09-Mar-10 14:24:07

yanbu of course they should match!

albertababy Tue 09-Mar-10 14:28:17

Sorry to hijack but what exactly is a tiger loaf and where do you get them?

I like everything to match so IMO yanbu. My DH wears unmatching socks and i just don't get it!

VoilaAnotherGimlet Tue 09-Mar-10 14:29:57

Heh - I thought you meant white and brown bread - ie matching white with white. It is all satisfyingly OCD and YANBU.

RealityKindaLingers Tue 09-Mar-10 14:31:47

Message withdrawn

RealityKindaLingers Tue 09-Mar-10 14:32:45

Message withdrawn

thumbwitch Tue 09-Mar-10 14:33:42

oh argh, absolutely they must match! I couldn't mismatch them if I tried - and as nannynobnobs said, they have to match side to side as well (i.e. take 2 slices off the loaf and open them like a book so they go back together perfectly).

Even DH wouldn't dream of putting one slice on upside down, although he couldn't care less about the side to side thing unless it's a really uneven top crust.

He does wear unmatching socks though - but only colours, not style - i.e. he won't wear one thick hiking sock with one thin black wool sock, but will happily have one red heel and one blue heel. I couldn't do that, I really couldn't.

I get all itchy whenever I see wonkily hanging pictures too - have to tweak them straight.

SoMuchToBits Tue 09-Mar-10 14:34:20

YANBU - of course they should match.

SwissCheeseIsHolyCheesus Tue 09-Mar-10 14:34:56

Oooooooh, and he does the not ctting in half thing <toes curl>

AND, when he butters the bread he only butters the middle angry <goes off to mutter to self in corner>

duvetqueen Tue 09-Mar-10 14:35:17

It's got to match top & bottom, left & right. Surely there's a law about this somewhere grin

TrillianAstra Tue 09-Mar-10 14:35:31

Crusts must match!

Mmm, tiger bread... Tiger bread is too good for sandwiches, just have it with lots of butter..

MinnieMummy Tue 09-Mar-10 14:37:34

DH cuts sandwiches horizontally. Crazy.

crankytwanky Tue 09-Mar-10 14:37:56

Of course YANBU.

And while we're here, only toddlers may eat sandwiches cut into rectangles, then into squares.

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