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that huge buggies should be banned from buses

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donkeyderby Thu 04-Mar-10 00:37:11

I was on the bus yesterday, and a woman got on pushing her child in an oversized buggy that took up four fold-up seat spaces.

AIBU to think that if you travel regularly by bus, you should invest in a cheap umbrella-style pushchair that takes only one space up?

tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 04-Mar-10 00:40:22

What if you don't travel regularly by bus, but your car is in for repair? Should you stay home, or buy a new buggy just for that?

What if you can't afford a buggy at all and someone's given you the big one free?

What if we focused on actual problems in the world instead of bitching about buses being a bit crowded?

runnybottom Thu 04-Mar-10 00:59:23

In most places the bus only lets one buggy on anyway, little or large, so whats the difference?

BertieBotts Thu 04-Mar-10 01:08:31

I usually use my fold up buggy on buses but I use my big one sometimes too, for example when DS was too little for a fold up buggy, when he is ill (so I want him rear facing), when the little one is dirty, when it is very cold.

PandaEis Thu 04-Mar-10 01:36:26

I sort of agree...sort of...

If a parent has twins or uses a large unfoldable pram then there is little that can be said and who are we to say one cant choose a pram they like just in case they ever needs to get the bus but...

A woman got on the bus i was on last friday. She had a child who was clearly older than toddler age sat on one side of a double buggy and ALOT of shopping piled in the other seat. She told a man really rather rudely to move from th fold down seat space and put her massive pram in there!! It stuck right into the walkway and she didnt even make an apology when a late middle aged man almost fell over it tryin to get off the bus! I think it all depends on the situation as other say the pram may be a gift to an otherwise poor family.

Granny23 Thu 04-Mar-10 02:26:58

In the 'Good Old Days' every bus had a boot and the driver or conductor would get off and put your pushchair, or even a full size pram, in the boot whilst you got on with babe in arms. No extra charge for this service, all done with a smile.
I often wonder why life is made so difficult for parents these days. I foolishly expect progress but all I see in modern times is life becoming more stressfull and certainly less child-friendly.

undertheboredwalk Thu 04-Mar-10 02:30:01

I've been given a mouthful from interfering people on more than one occasion having taken up the fold up seat spaces with DD in her very much oversized buggy in the past.
The thing is, her buggy was oversized for a reason, she's disabled it's called a major buggy and is the equivalent of a wheelchair.
Stop for a second and think do you actually know anything about this woman and her child in the 'oversized' buggy? No? Then keep your nose out.

JennyPenny22 Thu 04-Mar-10 02:47:59

I used our double on the buses in london on a day out once and got lots of comments about how much space it was taking up. I had a newborn and a 15 month old - what do you expect me to do?

AreAnyNamesAvailable Thu 04-Mar-10 08:33:16

I used my buggy a few times on the bus, but was a bit embarrassed by how much space it took up. I now use a sling if I have to go anywhere by bus, OK as DS is only 5mo but harder when he gets heavier. I was on a bus once with baby in the sling, another mum had a buggy, one mum is waiting at a stop and told that she will have to fold the buggy and put it in the storage bit if she wants to get on, she started mouthing off at the bus driver who was trying to explain that there was not enough room and she would be blocking the aisle which was not allowed. I did feel for him, it was not his fault, she could not be bothered to fold up the buggy so waited for the next bus instead.

lifeas3plus1 Thu 04-Mar-10 08:38:57

Well has it happens, I have a big 3 wheeler pram and a umberella fold buggy and when Ds is sitting upright the 3 wheeler pram takes up LESS room than the stroller.

So if I am using a bus I will take my big pram and if Ds is asleep and the pushchair seat is flat then yes I will take up a full pram space. If he is awake and the seat is up then it take's up one folded seat space and someone can come along and fill the other 2 seat spaces with their small umberella fold buggy. grin

I also 2nd what undertheboredwalk say's.

addictedtolatte Thu 04-Mar-10 08:43:11

YABU it doesnt even enter my mind that someone is taking up too much space on a bus. i happily give up my seat for them. not everyone has a lot of money to replace there buggy bought for there newborn with a new foldup buggy. for the record i am not one of them people with an oversized pramsmile

Sonilaa Thu 04-Mar-10 08:44:23

I think the busses should be changed, so that 1 propper Pushchair + 1 wheelchair fit comfortably!

I was shooed off the bus a few times when a wheelchair user wanted to get on, as they (rightly) have priority.

I also have a largish pushchair, I hate to see small babies in the umbrella ones. It looks so uncomfortable.

Ivykaty44 Thu 04-Mar-10 08:44:35

I think all people with blue hair and that includes pensioners with blue rinses - they should be banned from busses with aireals grin They take up to much viewing time smile

farri Thu 04-Mar-10 08:46:12

I have a p&t tandem and have on numerous occasions been turned away by the bus driver. There was no other pushchair on the bus I don't see what the issue is?

fernie3 Thu 04-Mar-10 09:00:21

I now use a quinny zap (the little three wheel one) I actually hate the pushchair itself but it does fit on the bus easily. I have no problem with people having whatever sized pushchair they need tbh I only chose a small one because when my baby was newborn I had a loola that was a pain to fold and heavy to carry around. I dont like the wheely shopping trolleys that take up the pushchair/wheelchair spaces to me these are luggage and so should be put in the luggage holders at the front, folding a pushchair and getting a young baby out is much harder than putting a trolley in a luggage holder and yet people will not move them.

proudestmummyever Thu 04-Mar-10 09:00:38

I disagree with ths, if someone has a bigger buggy, not a big deal

I have a disabled 3 yr old and my wee wheelchair would pass for a buggy, I would hate to think of someone tutting and thinking to themselves "That's ridiculous", and I also have a bigger buggy too, n to look at my Ds you'd never know he was disabled, so don't judge, you don't knw the circumstanceshmm

BackToBasics Thu 04-Mar-10 09:02:42

I got on the bus once with my P&T. I don't usually get the bus because i drive but the car was in repair.

Anyway, i got on and there were two other people on the bus with those lightweight buggies. The bus driver told me there were other chairs on the bus but was happy for me to go on and even said she would hold moving until i had folded down the pushchair, she was a nice driver (obviously has kids of her own.)

So i sat dd on a seat had to hold onto ds as he was only a baby, un-attatch the doubles seat and fold down the main chair one handed while everyone sat there and watched me do this. Didn't think much of this at the time.

When i was telling a friend about it she was horrified that the two with the lightweight buggies didn't offer to fold thier chairs down and sit their toddlers on a seat, which would have been much easier, to let me on. Looking back it was abit mean of them to sit there and let me do all of that one handed on my ownsad

zippyzapper Thu 04-Mar-10 09:08:21

I mean how often does a large buggy really cause inconvenience - really there is more than life that this type of grumpiness - what next - banning huge people on buses who take up more than one seat with the size of their bottom.... shock

sarah293 Thu 04-Mar-10 09:11:07

Message withdrawn

proudestmummyever Thu 04-Mar-10 09:11:20

Well I ttly agree with zippy...itz bloody sad ppl think ths, as I said above, if anyone tutted at me, and said something to me bout my wee boy(who to look at does not look disabled), I would go mental, what business is it to anyone!!

BonjourIvressedeNoel Thu 04-Mar-10 09:15:06


proudestmummyever Thu 04-Mar-10 09:15:32

Hear hear riven

tummytime Thu 04-Mar-10 09:15:58

Does it really matter what size the buggy is provided there is either room for a wheelchair as well if someone needs to get on, or if the buggy then gets out of the way?

Rollmops Thu 04-Mar-10 09:16:48

What about mothers with twins? Should the twin buggies with twins in them be banned from buses?

Curious in Oxfordshire


proudestmummyever Thu 04-Mar-10 09:17:28

So newborns would have to be crumpled up in a buggy tht can't support them rather than a BIG buggy or pram!! Ridiculous!!!angry, do u not have other things u can b doin instead of complaining about smthn so bloody silly???

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