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PeedOffWithNits Wed 03-Mar-10 12:01:49

we have had 3, yes THREE charity clothing collection bags through the door IN THE PAST 48 HOURS!!!!

if they have done the whole village thats about 2100 plastic bags that have been delivered round here - and of course, each one is individually wrapped in its very own plastic wrapper too.

So, aside from the fact that much of what we pass on to family/friends/freecycle, they would not actually deem fit to sell in a charity shop, and we even recycle all other clean but not wearable textiles to raise money for the school PTA, this really annoys me

having seen who puts out the bags on collection day, its about 3 bags for our close of 18 houses - on the times i have left the empty bag to be collected, it has been left

surely there are better ways for charities to function? surely this is a huge waste of money, time, fuel and plastic for very little return? anyone who has quality/designer clothes they want to pass on cos they are last seasons fashion will do so anyway!!

I still cannot believe we have had 3 in 2 days!!!!! 2 are for collection on the same day too!! LOL - that will be funny, will have to keep me eyes peeled friday to see if the shelter collector nicks stuff left out in the help the aged bags and vice versa!!

sorry folks, rant over!

luciemule Wed 03-Mar-10 12:06:59

We also get loads (on average 3/4 per week, every week), DH just chucks them in the bin but if I can't fill them (and I'm really scraping the barrel now as I've decluttered so much), I try and keep the bgs to reuse as bin liners or for later on when I go to Oxfam with a load of stuff.
Does seem like a waste though but obviously, they wouldn't do it if not successful. Charities are normally very vigilent on wasting resources. Really annoys me though when they send a pen in an envelope - now that is a complete waste. I wrote to a company that did that once and the guy wrote back to me and said they found it to be a very good way of advertising. I wrote back and said if I was going to give to charity, I wouldn't need bribing with a pen.

tanmu82 Wed 03-Mar-10 12:09:12

I get really annoyed with those bags too. When I have filled them and left them out, they are never even collected again! I ended up with a ripped open bag of clothes in my front garden angry

Rhubarb Wed 03-Mar-10 12:11:15

We get lots too. Some are real charities and some are very suspect. I think we get so many because the area where I live is predominantly older people. We also get lots of advertising and sales people calling round, I hate it!

I have filled up a few charity bags and left them for collection, but some were never collected which is a huge waste.

And when I leave the empty bag on the doorstep for them to take back like they are supposed to, they never do.

So now I'm going to leave a note on the door saying that I refuse to fill the bags.

poshwellies Wed 03-Mar-10 12:23:04

We get alot of requests for unwanted items too-if I have had a sort out,I fill the bags up,saves me lugging them to the 2 charties shops we have in town,plus it means I get chance to donate to other charities in the area (I haven't got a car and we are out in the sticks),no big shakes.

Like to know how much these charities are spending on bags,which I noticed aren't biodigradable hmm.

We also get requests from 'fake' charities for clothing,I have reported to trading standards but we are still getting requests through the door.

moomaa Wed 03-Mar-10 12:30:59

I like the ones for real charities, I occasionally put something in, they are always collected. I use the ones I don't put out for rubbish bags or transporting things, they are big and strong.

GoldenSnitch Wed 03-Mar-10 12:37:53

Ours never get collected so I don't bother anymore.

Pity cause I've got about 6 bags in the garage that I never get round to taking to the charity shop and it would save me a job!

GeeWhizz Wed 03-Mar-10 12:41:54

We don't get any for ages but when I have taken loads of stuff to the charity shop we then have them posted through the door.

I use them to put rubbish in so they are not totally wasted.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 03-Mar-10 12:45:26

after lugging a rucksack full of books to a charity shop this morning I came home to find one of those bags. oh the timing.
mostly their arrival does make me cross cos they never arrive at the right time.

PeedOffWithNits Wed 03-Mar-10 12:49:14

they should be able to read our minds and send one when we need it, eh kitten? wink

JaneS Wed 03-Mar-10 12:54:05

I use the bags as free binbags. I'm perfectly capable of doing my own recycling and don't appreciate rubbish through my letter box.

GibbonInARibbon Wed 03-Mar-10 12:56:55

We get lots here too and I get so mad when I leave them out as requested and they never get collected.

I don't bother anymore tbh, just use the bag myself.

I feel the same about junk mail, tons of the stuff and I get sick and tired of picking it up and walking it straight to the recycling bag.

cupofcoffee Wed 03-Mar-10 12:57:50

I have been getting at least one bag through most days, quite often 2 bags per day and on couple of days 3 bags in one day! The empty ones are never collected and so end up in the bin. One charity failed to collect the full ones on two occasions and so by the third time everyone had given up and there were no bags left out. I don't ever see full bags left out round here now so must be huge waste. We have also had a few through which are not proper charities but scam people looking for things to sell.

onepieceoflollipop Wed 03-Mar-10 13:00:40

I once said (very nicely and with a smile) to a man who was about to deliver one that we had already had about 4 this week. He just pulled quiet a nasty face and shrugged which I felt was rude. As others have said they don't collect any empty ones even though they specifically ask you to leave them out.

Lots of the ones we receive are full of ventilation holes so unsuitable for bin liners. Also a bit silly if it is a very wet day and someone is donating clothes.

In our area there have been problems of the bags being collected (i.e. stolen) by a fake charity earlier in the morning before the real van gets round.

cupofcoffee Wed 03-Mar-10 13:07:59

Has anyone put a sign on their door to 'say no bags please'? I was thinking whether or not to put one on my door. Don't want people coming to the door to get the impression that I'm some grumpy git who doesn't support the charities though. The bags were fine at first but now it has got too much and with the scam ones about also I would much prefer to drop stuff at charity myself.

YanknCock Wed 03-Mar-10 13:21:13

I don't have much extra clutter <<poor>>, but what I do have I sell on ebay, give away on freecycle, or take to the tip myself to recycle. Am sick of getting 3-4 bags every week from charities I've mostly never heard of. They don't come back for unused bags, so I stash them to use as bin liners or for transporting pillows/blankets when we go to stay at PILs.

Am also thinking of putting up a sign, could not care less if they think I'm grumpy. I always sponsor friends doing things for charity, I think that's fair enough.

Lucyellensmumma Wed 03-Mar-10 14:00:27

I don't get annoyed by this at all, if i don't use it, then i don't use it - i use it as a bin bag. Am a bit dubious about who i give to, tend to only give to the charities i recognise to be fair. ITs good because it prompts me to have a clear out

chegirlshadabloodynuff Wed 03-Mar-10 14:38:01

I dont use them because whenever we get a legit charity bag delivered we get a dodgy one the same day!

I wont risk putting stuff out for GOSH or The Heart Foundation only to have it picked up by a profit making company who will sell my stuff to poor people at inflated prices.

I take stuff to charity shops or to the dump where they sort it and reuse it.

BAFE Wed 03-Mar-10 14:52:50

YABU - if you don't want themput them in the bin. No big deal.

Personally, I like it when a bag arrives. I look upon it as an excuse to declutter my house without having to go to the dump.

Lots of the men who collect these bags are doing it aS their community service so it'[s not costing the charity that much.

And if the bag hasn't been collected, I just put it straight into the next bag that gets dropped off.

I don't even care if it's a dodgy charity. After all, they're still providing a service. It's only like the old fashioned rag and bone man. Why be churlish?

PeedOffWithNits Wed 03-Mar-10 15:47:06

but BAFE you say

YABU - if you don't want themput them in the bin. No big deal.

I and many otehrs think that it IS a big deal, it is generating excess plastic waste for nothing if something you do not need is delivered to your house and thrown in the bin straight away - as someone else said they do not even make very good bin liners as they are full of holes and weak

and they are not even biodegradable

a much better idea would be a small paper label with the details on for you to attach to a bin liner of your own, at least the paper could be recycled if not used

bernadetteoflourdes Thu 04-Mar-10 01:18:08

I use tem as binliners they are a greatt size

bernadetteoflourdes Thu 04-Mar-10 02:05:32

sorry typos againblush

WebDude Thu 04-Mar-10 03:28:25

It does seem a big waste (considering it won't be all that long before some shops are forced to charge for plastic bags - and usually with half the volume or less than the fairly strong charity shop bags).

It would seem far better for the charities to
a) drop off a bag when they collect one with items in.
b) have a stock of empty bags in their shops, along with details of the areas where they collect, or ask people to phone the shop and not only would the shop tell the person which day to put the bag out, but make a note of the street for the collection to take place...

I seem to get lots of these bags (handy, as I've been moving rubble from where the roof and ceiling fell in) and some of them come every couple of weeks.

I don't know if it was someone on community service dropping off the bag one morning recently, but I saw a hooded figure scurrying away from the house after hearing an odd noise - seems that he did not spot there are two letter boxes - one from the outside into the porch, and the second, the original one which is visible through the porch door. Must have tried to get into the porch (which is kept locked) hence the noise I heard within the house.

I suppose I shouldn't be too negative about the hoodie, given it was about -3C that morning so hopefully he was wearing gloves too!

stopbags Thu 23-Jun-11 09:24:25

A bit of fun and not political but please join this group on Facebook and tell your friends!

Just search for:

"Stop pushing charity plastic bags through my door"


porcamiseria Thu 23-Jun-11 09:29:30

I love them, means you can do a clear out, bag it, leave it. easy peasy

I dont have the time or energy to drop bags off

and you can always use the bags for storage if needs be

cant belive that they piss people off TBH!

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