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How can it be dangerous to fall asleep in the bath?

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spybear Wed 17-Feb-10 21:33:53

Surely! Surely I would wake up as I was slipping under? DP said I am being irresponsible and I shouldn't have baths only showers. But baths are so warm..and im...so....tired..zzzzzzzz

NoahAndTheWhale Wed 17-Feb-10 21:37:26

DH and I both fall asleep in the bath at times (separately ). I have always woken up semi sitting but it does worry me a little. Have to stop myself having baths if I feel v tired.

jaquelinehyde Wed 17-Feb-10 21:37:26

Are you joking?

If not then...Of course it is bloody dangerous!

Anymore questions such as 'how can it be dangerous to juggle with razor blades, whilst blindfolded'

ChunkyPickle Wed 17-Feb-10 21:37:55

I fall asleep in the bath all the time... and woken spluttering more than once with a mouth full of water. I think that you'd have to be a pretty heavy sleeper to drown yourself in a bath!

Thinking about it, I can wake my dp by holding his nose when he's sleeping - it seems to me that you naturally wake up if your breathing is interfered with (assuming everything else is normal)

thisisyesterday Wed 17-Feb-10 21:40:02

you might be interested in this

runnybottom Wed 17-Feb-10 21:41:24

How would you stay asleep while drowning? Unless pissed or drugged.
Bathing while tired, yes thats exactly as dangerous as juggling with razor blades blindfolded. hmm

SirBoobAlot Wed 17-Feb-10 21:42:37


juneybean Wed 17-Feb-10 21:43:36

I've never done it but have wondered the same thing, it's like if someone put their hand over your mouth and nose whilst asleep you're bound to wake up?

spybear Wed 17-Feb-10 21:46:55

I thought that link would be some scary scientific reason why never to sleep in the bath. Ha ha ha. Good to know im not alone in my bath time snoozing.

ChazsBarmyArmy Wed 17-Feb-10 22:05:01

I did hear about someone who had been working very long hours and drowned in the bath. It was assumed she fell asleep.

jasper Wed 17-Feb-10 22:11:23

It's perfectly safe, and a speciality of my family.

Usually wake with a stiff neck

choosyfloosy Wed 17-Feb-10 22:12:35

I absolutely love falling asleep in the bath. When I was at university I used to come back from weights training at about 5pm after a long day starting with a rowing outing at 6.15am and lots of lectures, and run a hot hot bath, slide in and drift off for twenty minutes...bliss. I would imagine if you are prone to fall asleep because you are very drunk, that might be an issue, or if you had some very high cardiac risk, but otherwise I shouldn't think it's dangerous at all.

OK, having looked at mortality statistics for the UK (actually poss England and Wales?) for a random year (2005), 30 people died of accidental submersion/drowning in a bathtub. None of those was aged between 15 and 44 (can't see the age groups older than that). I still think it's pretty safe tbh.

TrillianAstra Wed 17-Feb-10 22:18:54

Are you epileptic? On strong medication? Very drunk? If not then I think you're pretty unlikely to drown in teh bath.

ArthurPewty Wed 17-Feb-10 22:19:21

Message withdrawn

herjazz Wed 17-Feb-10 22:20:48

cos you could get really cold. Maybe get a nasty chill or worse hypothermia

cos your FIL may pop round, no one realises yr snoozing in the bath and he walks in on you

cos you could get glue ear. You might then be tempted to stick a cotton bud really far down and get that constant ringing ear thing

cos someone could take pictures of you. Put them on fb

cos you could drown

Carikube Wed 17-Feb-10 22:24:48

When my Mum used to get her really bad migraines she'd have a bath (for 2-3 hours at a time, topping up the hot water every so often) and she would regularly snore away in there. Can't see the problem myself....

seeker Wed 17-Feb-10 22:26:44

My fil fell asleep in the bath reading a book with a red cover. The dye came out of the binding and stained the water red. Mil woke up at 2 in the morning, went looking for him, and found him lying in what looked like a bath of blood. He was fine - she nearly died of shock!

KurriKurri Wed 17-Feb-10 22:34:48

It's fine, take the toaster in with you in case you feel peckish before you nod off.

Jux Wed 17-Feb-10 22:35:44

DH only showers and therefore thinks no one should ever have baths; he spent years trying to dissuade me from having them - wandering in, washing his hands and shaking freezing cold water over me was the least objectionable of his little ploys!

I used to always fall asleep in the bath (reading a book) but haven't for years. I am about to get a new bath installed which will be comfortable and cosy, and I fully intend to start falling asleep in it as soon as it's in grin

I would add that I have NEVER
a) drowned in the bath (or anywhere else!)
b)dropped a book in the bath even when asleep

KurriKurri Wed 17-Feb-10 22:39:45

But none of the people who have drowned in the bath will be posting will they?

seeker Wed 17-Feb-10 22:41:04

And don't, whatever you do, blow dry your hair in the bath!

MattBellamysMuse Wed 17-Feb-10 22:44:37

I've fallen asleep in the bath many, many times.
Unless you're drugged, surely you'll wake up when your nose starts filling with water.

TrillianAstra Wed 17-Feb-10 22:47:12

You'll end up very frizzy from the humidity if you try that seeker wink

junglistwaspoorendof Wed 17-Feb-10 22:47:54

My friends sister drowned in the bath. She was on strong anti psychotic meds though sad They could never afford to replace the bath and the council wouldn't

JaneS Wed 17-Feb-10 22:51:52

Ooh, let's all risk it and see what happens. hmm

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