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to feel peeved that my MIL gave me white stilton...

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Katharine19 Mon 25-Jan-10 18:16:28

.... and told me it was 'leicester'? It was absolutely not deliberate, she would never do that and it's not her fault if she didn't know the current advice, but I feel pretty irritated that the whole family (DH excluded) then treated me as if I was being precious for looking slightly concerned (I didn't say anything really, just felt a bit upset). Not helped by the fact that I've been throwing up for the last 24 hours, probably just a stomach bug but am feeling hormonal and paranoid.

I'm not even massively observant about what/ what not to eat, I just like making these decisions for myself!

LIZS Mon 25-Jan-10 18:19:27

are you pg then ? Surely any risk is small even so. YABU it sounds like a mistake. Presumably noone forced you to eat it ?

thedollshouse Mon 25-Jan-10 18:22:30

YABU (although I understand your concerns). By your own admission it was not deliberate and I have to say my mum/mil would not have a clue about what foods you are supposed to avoid when pregnant.

My mil almost poisioned me when I was pregnant with ds1. She had prepared a buffet lunch and I tucked into a breaded chicken thing which was completely raw inside. She said that she thought all breaded products had already been cooked and she had just heated it up for 1 minute in the microwave. hmm Put me off breaded chicken for life and I am really careful what I eat when we are invited to their house now.

mazzystartled Mon 25-Jan-10 18:23:41

if it was a genuine mistake, (although how either of you could confuse the two is beyond me), it's pretty unreasonable to be cross about it

lambanana Mon 25-Jan-10 18:23:56

What's wrong with white stilton? Even if you are pregnant its still pasteurised innit?

Be different if it was the mouldy stuff.

princessparty Mon 25-Jan-10 18:26:57

I though white stilton was Ok ?

Morloth Mon 25-Jan-10 18:27:26

The white stilton I have in the fridge is pasteurised.

Mumcentreplus Mon 25-Jan-10 18:28:01

hmm if it wasn't deliberate get over it..

thedollshouse Mon 25-Jan-10 18:30:03

I should have said that I am pregnant and I wouldn't know what cheeses you can and can't eat without looking it up so I wouldn't expect someone else to.

wonderingwondering Mon 25-Jan-10 18:31:44

You have to take responsibility for yourself, if presented with soft cheese either don't eat it or check the packet.

EmmaBemma Mon 25-Jan-10 18:32:31

white stilton is fine. It's blue-veined, unpasteurised or soft-rind cheeses you're supposed to watch out for.

2rebecca Mon 25-Jan-10 18:32:54

And the problem with white stilton in pregnancy is?
It's not a blue chees, it's probably not unpasteurised. The risk of listeria is incredibly small.
Leicester is red anyway. She is maybe as clueless about cheese types as you are. Many people forget which cheese is which the moment they take the wrapper off.

trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 18:33:07

Message withdrawn

trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 18:34:07

Message withdrawn

KimiLivesInStarbucks Mon 25-Jan-10 18:34:40

When I was having DS1 I was SO good followed all the guide lines and so on, (although they are ever changing)

With DS2 i did not know I was pregnant and on millennium eve went out drank 2 bottles of bubbly, ate soft cheese, shell fish, mayo, the lot.

DS2 arrived 8 months later and as yet does not have two heads, fins fur or flippers.

Let it go,

suitejudyblue Mon 25-Jan-10 18:38:44

sorry but I think you are being a bit precious, the risk of listeria is tiny even from unpasturised cheeses. I'm guessing this is your first baby and you'll probably look back and chuckle in years to come.
I never bothered about what I ate but now think I was ridiculous to separate DC1s washing and do it with a non bio powder just because I read somewhere you should do that, DC4 is just lucky to get a clean set of clothes every now and again grin

northernlurker Mon 25-Jan-10 18:39:29

My friend recently told me that in australia you are told not to eat ham and shop bought sandwiches in pregnancy! That puts our soft cheese/ pate prohibitions in to perspective I think.

Op - the food advice is just advice NOT cast iron laws. White stilton is not afaik a problem but even if it was, it would still have to be off to be a problem and even if you ate off cheese it might not make you ill and even if it did make you ill that doesn't mean you would miscarry or have a still birth. Serious food poisoning slightly raises the chances of complications thats all. The advice is for general precautions. Neither you or your mil have anything to be upset about and she probably feels wretched so why not give her a call and say it's ok - because it is!

EmmaBemma Mon 25-Jan-10 18:40:35

As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter even if the white stilton is unpasteurised - it's a hard cheese not a soft one, so fine in any case.

Katharine19 Mon 25-Jan-10 18:47:38

thanks - I know I'm over reacting to be honest (and it's my second preg), it was more that she made a point of saying it's leicester so it's fine for you.... anyway, not a big deal but then spending the next 24 hours puking at 17 weeks preg with a toddler to look after has left me feeling cross (even though I'm sure it's a stomach bug and not related). I didn't know that about stilton I thought it was all to be avoided.

Katharine19 Mon 25-Jan-10 18:49:33

And it comes on top of a long history of being 'advised' what to do and not do, eg don't breastfeed/ giving DS v salty food when he was 7 months etc, so I am a bit over sensitive!

trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 19:19:05

Message withdrawn

pointydug Mon 25-Jan-10 19:26:41

So is white stilton orange then?

I don't think I ever seen it.

pooexplosions Mon 25-Jan-10 19:27:01

I'm guessing maybe she thought it actually was leicester? They look pretty similar.
It wouldn't make you ill anyway.

FWIW I had severe food poisoning on my 2nd preg at 6 months(DC1) and was very very ill for days. I thought I was going to die I felt so bad. Baby was completely fine.

Katharine19 Mon 25-Jan-10 19:33:37

white stilton is white - I just got a shock when I saw the word stilton on the packet after being told it was leicester (she probably meant cheddar, she's a bit vague, but she had bought it and presumably looked at the packet). Wish I had known it was fine to eat, I wouldn't have deprived myself over Christmas!

Poor you pooexplosions, food poisoning must be horrid (at any time, particularly in preg) I've been feeling grim, but at least it's been short and sharp.

pointydug Mon 25-Jan-10 19:36:18

so do you get white leicester then? I've only seen red leicester. I can't picture the two being confused at the moment.

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