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To be excited

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Gumps Sun 17-Jan-10 19:20:40

What do you make of this? I did test yesterday and negative. Mental toddler emptied the bin today and I glanced at the test to see it was positive! I know I didn't look at it for the full 2 minutes as with both ds it went positive straight away but I did wait quite a while. The box says to disregard results after 10 minutes but how did this happen? Cap still on and not much else in the bathroom bin to contaminate it.
Obvioulsy the clear answer is to test again but dh is at work until 8 and I probably should wait until morning anyway.
Sooo excited but trying not to be. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

nickytwotimes Sun 17-Jan-10 19:22:36

The test result isn't reliable after ten minutes, so I would disregard it and test again as you say.


cookielove Sun 17-Jan-10 19:24:00

oooh test again and then let us know

5inthebed Sun 17-Jan-10 19:27:46

I'd test again, right now, go do it and come back and tell us!

Gumps Sun 17-Jan-10 19:29:43

Have to wait half an hour until dh comes back! He would kill me if I did it without him

5inthebed Sun 17-Jan-10 19:31:32

Okay, just don't pee before then wink

Gumps Sun 17-Jan-10 19:39:25

He came back early and I have tested and its negative.
He has gone downstairs in boredom but I am still sat here watching it just incase!

cookielove Sun 17-Jan-10 19:42:00

fingers crossed

Gumps Sun 17-Jan-10 19:43:35

Still negative sad
But in the name of science I will put it to one side and se what happens to it tomorrow.
AF due tomorrow so will keep you posted!

5inthebed Sun 17-Jan-10 19:48:37


Maybe you should get one of those digital ones if you don't come on tomorrow

Good luck

TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Sun 17-Jan-10 19:51:14

This happened to me for about 4 or 5 days but the positive was really faint. Then it started to come up ridiculously faint within the required time and now I'm 8 months gone.

I remember saying to DH 'oh my God I think we're having a baby' and he was trying not to get excited.

Aww I hope it is positive.

Gumps Mon 18-Jan-10 07:47:48

There is a very faint line that has been there since about 9pm last night.
Possiby 2 duds as in the same packet but aside from the whole am I aren't I debate I am intuiged as to why this has happened when it has never happened before.
Period due today but think I will wait and test again tomorrow am - with a digital!

marriedtoagoodun Mon 18-Jan-10 07:53:05

Could just be very early and low hcg. I was told that you might get a false negative but NEVER a flase positive as HCG is either there or not. I was an IVF patient and tested way toooo early .... Took 3 days from the situation yo describe to getting a line within the proper time frame. GOOD LUCK

5inthebed Mon 18-Jan-10 12:38:25

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

MamaLazarou Mon 18-Jan-10 12:43:53

Some of them, if you leave them for long enough, will show two lines even if they're negative. Got my hopes up a few times when I was TTC! Good luck anyway x

Gumps Mon 18-Jan-10 19:24:09

Have bought 2 digitals and will test first thing tomorrow.
Thanks for all the replies and please don't think me a slob that my bin wasn't emptied and I let ds2 play with it!

marriedtoagoodun Tue 19-Jan-10 00:16:56

test NOW please grin it is (technically) next day and I wantto know your good news.

JaneS Tue 19-Jan-10 00:19:56

Good luck!

nancydrewrocks Tue 19-Jan-10 09:31:44

Gumps good luck but you really really musn't look at your test after ten minutes.

Nearly all negative tests will look a teeny tiny bit positive if they are left for a while. It is due to the chemicals and urine evaportaing and is known as an evaporation line.

Do your test today but read the result within 10 minutes.

kinnies Tue 19-Jan-10 09:35:49

My test did that.
Am now 12wks pg grin

MiaWallace Tue 19-Jan-10 09:48:49

Same happened to me. DD is now 4.

Good luck

fufulina Tue 19-Jan-10 09:58:12

Same thing happened to me when I knew I was pg with DD (now 13 months) and I tested before AF due. I just kept testing - getting the negative and telling DH blithely that it was just too soon... And the negative tests did have a very positive line after a while. I just carried on testing daily until the HCG had ramped up enough. My understanding of how they work (I used to do a bit of work with Clearblue) is that there would be no positive line if there was no HCG in the sample - and if there is any positive line there - it's because there is HCG in the sample. It there's nothing - the antibodies you're testing for wouldn't react with the positive line. However faintly.

And I've since done tests where it was definitely negative and no line came up at all - even over night.

TheArcaneMommy Wed 20-Jan-10 09:34:53

When I was pregnant with ds, I did a test and it was negative, chucked it in the bin, looked at it maybe 2 hours later, and there was a line, so was positive, I tried very hard not to get excited, as we had been trying for over 2 years, rang dh, who was standing at the train station waiting to come home from work, and told him to grab me a couple more pregnancy tests, did the next two and they came up positive straight away.

Had reason to suspect recently I was pregnant, but did a test, and it was negative, didn't look at it again till a couple of days later, and it had developed another line, so did another test and was still negative, so it was obviously just an evaporation line.

Gumps Wed 20-Jan-10 21:26:26

Good to hear of other peoples stories as I have never heard of it happening to anyone else before. Fufulina my thought were along the same lines as what you have posted as on the first test the line was quite clear. The second could easily have been an evaporation line though.
Well two more days and two negative digital tests but still no AF. The good thing about the digitals, aside from a definitive answer, is that the screen goes blank after a while so no late reading.
It is only the first month of trying for dc3 so I shouldn't be too sad. Just want AF to come so can put the lines to the back of my thoughts and let others know not to get their hopes up if it happens to them.

Rindercella Wed 20-Jan-10 21:33:38

Aw sorry to hear your negative was confirmed.

After about 6 mths of TTC, I had a test like your first - a line came several hours later. I was convinced that it was BFP. Ther following day, I tested again and could swear there was a faint line. DH couldn't see it. I got a digital test. It was BFN. AF came about 2 weeks late hmm

However, the good news was the following month I got a BFP on the first test. I am now 31 weeks pregnant grin

Good luck.

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