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to wonder if perhaps 'fat' is the new normal and society should just accept it.

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OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:05:28

Hasten to add that I don't mean obese and unfit, as clearly that isn't a good idea.

Our natural evolutionary propensity is to eat lots when it's available in order to have enough stored fat for the lean times. Clearly that is a problem in a world where food is freely available and more of an entertainment than mere nutrition. And where we don't need to move much to get from one place to another or get warm.

So, that being the case isn't it likely that this is a problem that isn't going to go away when it means fighting your own instincts.

Should we just concentrate on the exercise side of the equation - ie do move more and find something you like to do, rather than don't eat this and that. And change our aesthetic sense to accept the endomorph as just as beautiful as the ectomorph.

pantomimecow Wed 13-Jan-10 16:08:58

Well being fit is proven to be important than being thin so i would be inclined to agree with you

crumpet Wed 13-Jan-10 16:09:16

I think fat is becoming the new normal, but what will be interesting is to see the longer term effects on health (and associated costs) and life expectancy

LaurieFairyCake Wed 13-Jan-10 16:09:23

I agree and think we're in a transition period though hopefully not going to end up with Aldous Huxley's future where we're all blobs and can't walk.

We have to fight our natural instincts to not overeat - for some it's harder than others.

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:11:31

I don't understand the concept of exercising more to burn off superfluous calories! Food costs a lot of money - why not save it for something more interesting than extra running around?

I still think it is a lot easier than people often imagine to stay slim (not skinny)!

BrahmsThirdRacket Wed 13-Jan-10 16:11:41

But normal is never idolised, so the fatter people get, the more desirable thin will be.

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:12:57

Who wants to be idolised for their body weight? I think most women want a BMI of around 20, if they are truthful!

Hullygully Wed 13-Jan-10 16:13:09

Wobblebottoms will never be a good thing.

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:13:56

Too right, hullygully. Not batwings or muffin tops.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:14:06

Well Bonsoir you could eat virtually nothing and do no exercise at all and be thin. But that would be boring and you'd not be healthy.

Exercise is good for you in every way. And for many of us it's enjoyable too.

Hullygully Wed 13-Jan-10 16:14:53

Without exercise you can still be thin with a wobblebottom.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:14:58

Well you can get rid of the wobbles by running/walking/cycling.

Hullygully Wed 13-Jan-10 16:15:22

Quite. What about the collywobbles?

MillyR Wed 13-Jan-10 16:16:19

It is a waste of resources to eat a lot.

Many people say they don't have time to exercise.

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:16:53

I eat what I want and take plenty of exercise (of the common-or-garden school run, shopping and housework variety, no fancy gyms or personal trainers in the Bonsoir household wink) and stay slim (not thin). It's not that hard but I would really feel silly pigging out on food I had had to shop and pay for and then having to pay for a gym to burn it off! Sounds like far too much redundant labour to me smile.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:18:30

Well then many people are kidding themselves wink

I work full-time and still find time to run 3 times a week. There is always time if you want to find it.

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:23:16

My DP works full-time and would just love to play tennis three times a week and I am always prepared to look after the children if he wants to play tennis. But he is often so shattered that he can't.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:24:31

Ah well bonsoir I would almost guarantee that if he played tennis more often he'd be less tired.

MillyR Wed 13-Jan-10 16:24:38

Well yes, people could find ways to exercise more. Using cars less, for a start. I noticed that in NY. We think of the Americans as fat, but NY is full of thin people. I was told this was because it is so difficult to drive there so people have to walk a lot more.

But if we are going to view fat as also fit, then society would also have to start viewing exercise as normal and desirable.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:25:33

Quite agree milly. But I think it's easier to encourage exercise than stop eating iyswim

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:26:09

No you can't, Orm! Exercise is not some universal panacea, especially as you get older and your body doesn't work as efficiently as it used to. Rest becomes very important.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:26:50

Well I am definitely older and I can tell you it works for me. Use it or lose it as they say.

Bonsoir Wed 13-Jan-10 16:26:55

NY and Paris have that in common - thin people because everyone walks everywhere.

OrmIrian Wed 13-Jan-10 16:28:05

However ....this thread wasn't about people keeping thin, it was about not being fat. Not the same thing at all.

Galena Wed 13-Jan-10 16:28:08

Oh, not another weight thread!

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