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to worry that Miss Rabbit is overworked?

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kettlechip Thu 07-Jan-10 19:43:32

What with managing the recycling centre, working at the dentist, helping out at the library and taking people on balloon rides for starters, I just don't know how she does it..

AIBU to think the poor woman deserves a holiday?

snowlaughingmatter Thu 07-Jan-10 19:54:07

LOL, I've often thought the same thing! Still love it though.

pjmama Thu 07-Jan-10 19:57:29

I used to think that, then I came up with a cunning theory. There are MANY Miss Rabbits, not just one! Rabbits are such prolific creatures wink

stinkypinky Thu 07-Jan-10 19:58:17

Is it the same Miss Rabbit though? There are a lot of rabbits... We looked out for her the other day at the recycling centre.

stinkypinky Thu 07-Jan-10 19:58:52

x-post pjmama grin

BellaBear Thu 07-Jan-10 20:00:30

I wonder this every time she shows up! I want whatever drugs she's on please

gothicmama Thu 07-Jan-10 20:01:33

it hascrossed my mind that she is there are no discernable differences I have checked soI think she is the same one do you think she has so many jobs because cos she has no kids

kettlechip Thu 07-Jan-10 20:01:43

Aah, maybe that's it! It would explain a lot. And is she closely related to Richard and Rebecca I wonder? (probably over-thinking this, it's what comes of being stuck in the house for 3 days..) grin

LJBrownie Thu 07-Jan-10 20:02:35

and is she rebecca and richard's mum or is that some other rabbit? i've often pondered that one

IckleJess Thu 07-Jan-10 20:05:14

Lol, DH and I were discussing this yesterday.

I believe she is Rebecca and Richard's mum, yes.

She is also an ice-cream seller

MistleSnail Thu 07-Jan-10 20:06:52

<backs slowly our of thread .... making no noise>

gothicmama Thu 07-Jan-10 20:06:53

their mum is mrs Rabbit is miss Rabbit their aunt or big sister

harimosmummy Thu 07-Jan-10 20:09:06

She works in a shoe shop too!!

I think she is rebecca and Richard's mum.

Mr Rabbit works in Daddy pig's office, and he was there whenn Peppa and George visited.

harimosmummy Thu 07-Jan-10 20:09:43

She is also Nanny plum! grin

scrappydappydoo Thu 07-Jan-10 20:10:33

Don't forget educayshhonal bus tour driver, museum worker and various other jobs..
I think she just has lots of part-time jobs or maybe she runs an employment agency and has to fill in when they can't find temps...

acatcalledfidget Thu 07-Jan-10 20:10:52

oh my, I thought that this post was going to be about a different type of rabbit entirely....mind in the gutter!!

harimosmummy Thu 07-Jan-10 20:11:13

And Christmas tree seller!

kettlechip Thu 07-Jan-10 20:13:53

grin acatcalled, this is a very pure thread, thankyou!!

kettlechip Thu 07-Jan-10 20:16:08

I especially like her as the bus driver.

Tbh I think she's spreading herself a little thin, she doesn't seem particularly competent at any of her jobs, there was a nasty near miss in the recycling centre in ds' bedtime story this evening!

harimosmummy Thu 07-Jan-10 20:17:16

And the balloon ride didn't end well either!

FrayedKnot Thu 07-Jan-10 20:17:53

acat I'm afraid I wandered in here by mistake too blush

Now I've no idea what is going on!!

PurpleEglu Thu 07-Jan-10 20:24:52

I can't stand her voice so it irritates me that she has so many jobs

harimosmummy Thu 07-Jan-10 20:27:29

I really like her.. can't stand the new Peppa though.

JackBauerisreadyforDay8 Thu 07-Jan-10 20:28:23

Mrs Rabbit is Richard and Rebecca's mum, we met her when Peppa and George went to play in the Rabbit's burrow and George ate carrots.

They are very interesting actually. The only family in Weird Overgrown Creature Land that stay true to their ethnicity, living in their traditional family home, the pigs don't live ina sty (although seeing Pepp and George's bedroom that is debatable)
And Dr Brown Bear lives in a house, not a cave filled with the corpses of the small animals he has killed and eaten. I worry about him. Is he the Shipman of Weird Overgrown Creature Land?

It's very worrying.

squeaver Thu 07-Jan-10 20:30:17

lol JackB.

I love Miss Rabbit. She's one of my favourite fictional characters ever.

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