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to think that Alan Rickman is a NORMAL crush

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BrahmsThirdRacket Sun 03-Jan-10 22:25:00

Loads of people fancy Alan Rickman, don't they? Was talking about celebrity crushes with some friends, mentioned AR and they all went 'Err, no! He's weird.' I pointed out that lots of people fancied him, and they all said that wasn't true, I was mad etc.


WhereYouLeftIt Sun 03-Jan-10 22:35:51

It's the voice. YANBU.

nellynaemates Sun 03-Jan-10 22:36:28

YADNBU I'm young enough to be his daughter (actually more like granddaughter) and I've always thought he was lovely (not sure that's the right word really but YKWIM).

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sun 03-Jan-10 22:36:41


Metatron Sun 03-Jan-10 22:36:50

he is lovelee. they abu.

mankyscotslass Sun 03-Jan-10 22:36:54


Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Need I say more?

Scowl Sun 03-Jan-10 22:37:22

he is so shaggable but i fear gay - despite being married

bibbitybobbitysantahat Sun 03-Jan-10 22:38:26

The gay rumours are persistent aren't they?

displayuntiltwelfthnight Sun 03-Jan-10 22:38:27

He is delish

diddl Sun 03-Jan-10 22:39:03

Oh it´s the voice!

DarrellRivers Sun 03-Jan-10 22:39:04

I fancy him
Mostly in evil roles

tiredlady Sun 03-Jan-10 22:39:05

I have had a crush on Alan Rickman for about 18 years. I am probably quite sad, but YANBU

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 03-Jan-10 22:39:15

totally sublime

in Robin Hood
Truly Madly Deeply
Harry Potter
and Love Actually

yum yum

tiredlady Sun 03-Jan-10 22:39:35

I have had a crush on Alan Rickman for about 18 years. I am probably quite sad, but YANBU

JaneiteIsTrite Sun 03-Jan-10 22:40:27

YABU - but you ought to know that he is MINE, all MINE. Wicked laughter.

JaneiteIsTrite Sun 03-Jan-10 22:41:12

Sorry - meant YANBU

Scowl Sun 03-Jan-10 22:41:17

Snape is my fantasy lay

BrahmsThirdRacket Sun 03-Jan-10 22:41:46

No one has mentioned Sense and Sensibility - major phwoar. Saw that at an impressionable age and loyally maintained my crush while all my friends fancied Leonardo di Caprio

tiredlady Sun 03-Jan-10 22:41:46

oops, sorry, double posted somehow.Gay rumours???????? what? I didn't know that. Really?

JaneiteIsTrite Sun 03-Jan-10 22:44:08

Yum yum yum to Colonel Brandon - the best Austen man.

DarrellRivers Sun 03-Jan-10 22:45:17

yyy, he is my fave Col Brandon [swoon]

mankyscotslass Sun 03-Jan-10 22:47:56

OOOh yes,Alan Rickman is to Colonel Brandon as Colin Firth is to Mr Darcy.

BrahmsThirdRacket Sun 03-Jan-10 22:48:47

But the thing is, he's rubbish in the book and it's not a happy ending. But because it's a film it has to be happy. So they cast Alan Rickman, because who doesn't want to marry him?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 03-Jan-10 22:50:40

yy to Colonel Brandon - the bit where he reads to her in that lovely voice. Yum.

JaneiteIsTrite Sun 03-Jan-10 22:52:16

Noooooooooooooooo. It IS a happy ending - and he is gorgeous in the book. And I promise I fancied him BA (before Alan).

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