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To think that Vernon Kay is sexy

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pigletmania Thu 31-Dec-09 22:12:39

Well he is, is he not smile

herbietea Thu 31-Dec-09 22:14:22

Message withdrawn

pigletmania Thu 31-Dec-09 22:16:51

OOOOh sorry dh, but i would like him in my bed too lol

ElvisScavo Thu 31-Dec-09 22:17:38

Too cheesy to be sexy.

CantucciniVS Thu 31-Dec-09 22:17:45

Message withdrawn

Ewe Thu 31-Dec-09 22:17:54

Oh no, he seems ever so wet.

pigletmania Thu 31-Dec-09 22:21:10

No I did not know that fact, but imo sexy none the less

youwillnotwin Thu 31-Dec-09 22:22:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youwillnotwin Thu 31-Dec-09 22:23:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlemisslozza Thu 31-Dec-09 22:24:23

He was one of the main male models in 'Mizz' magazine when I was a teenager. He used to have longish hair - much better now imho!
Yes, I think he's sexy

Bambinoloveseggbirds Thu 31-Dec-09 22:36:19

Knucklehead. Rav Wilding is another one. I don't get it.

NathanBarley Thu 31-Dec-09 22:38:11

he is not. His face reminds me of a troll doll (ask your mums)

aristocat Thu 31-Dec-09 22:44:31

nooooo. he's vile grin

scottishmummy Thu 31-Dec-09 22:58:41

face like a bag of frogs.eugh no

MrsSeanBean Thu 31-Dec-09 23:23:24

He's easy enough on the eye I suppose, but a bit too bland for my taste

KurriKurri Thu 31-Dec-09 23:26:38

No, I once went out with a poundland version of him called Kevin, and he was a creep.

NathanBarley Thu 31-Dec-09 23:28:32

ohh those awful shiny suits

cornsilkcremeeggspotter Thu 31-Dec-09 23:35:20

no - you are all wrong

cornsilkcremeeggspotter Thu 31-Dec-09 23:35:39

apart from kurri

forehead Fri 01-Jan-10 15:47:42

He has a nice face, but he is soooooo wet. A prime example of someone being nice looking, but with zero sex appeal. Same goes for his wet wife Tess Daly.

Fibilou Fri 01-Jan-10 15:49:45

ewwwww no. V unsexy

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 01-Jan-10 16:23:25

Message withdrawn

NinjaChipmunk Fri 01-Jan-10 16:30:27

go on shiney, tell us more.....

traceybath Fri 01-Jan-10 16:33:41

Really shiney?

He's a bit too clean cut/young looking for me.

NinjaChipmunk Fri 01-Jan-10 16:39:18

oh and yes yabu, he is minging. imagine that big gurning face looking down on you whilst having sex, yeuch ewww

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