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to stop worrying about my weight until after Christmas?

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ineedalifelaundry Sat 19-Dec-09 12:32:22

I suspect I might be being unreasonable, because I've told my alcoholic DH not to say the words "I'll stop drinking in the new year" again because I've heard it for the last 5 years in a row. He uses this as an excuse to drink himself silly through the silly season.

I want to stop worrying about losing weight and not feel guilty about eating what I want for the next couple of weeks. But isn't this the same as DH's excuse for drinking?


FiveSoloRings Sat 19-Dec-09 12:36:30

Well, I don't know the answer to your question, but I am doing exactly the same as you and not worrying until the new year when I'm going to be completely changing my life(hmm), losing weight, getting fit(ter) sorting my house and generally trying to feel better about myself and life completely.

It doesn't sound as though you are doing the same as your husband at all...

Good luck and enjoy your Christmas!

QandA Sat 19-Dec-09 13:00:03

I am trying to get a balance, so when I go out I am eating/drinking what I normally would but the rest of the time being careful so if I put on weight over Christmas it will be less than I would otherwise have done, without feeling that I have missed out iyswim.

There is no reason to completely forget about healthy eating for the full christmas period, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself either. there is a middle ground for you and your DH.

SqueezinAroundTheXmasTree Sat 19-Dec-09 13:04:39

Well, YANBU.

You eating does not have the same effect as his drinking so I don't think you can compare the two.

Enjoy your Christmas and don't let him anyone tell you that losing weight is the same as an alcoholic completely stopping drinking forever.

FolornHope Sat 19-Dec-09 13:05:49

is your weight that bad inneda?

i haev an acquaintance who hasbeen going on abotu her weight for 5 years.
last night i felt lile saying " oh ffs you look fine - either lose it or SHUT UP" as its so dull!
she really needs to just accept it!

tethersjinglebellend Sat 19-Dec-09 13:08:11


But I would say that, as I am currently eating the Christmas biscuits.

timelordvictorious Sat 19-Dec-09 13:11:45


Bloke and I had a deep and serious drunken conversation last night over indian takeaway, about how in the new year we would be cutting down on the drinking and make effort to lose lots of weight.

I have just eaten the left over indian for lunch, while he had a bacon's definitely a new year thing.

ineedalifelaundry Sat 19-Dec-09 13:12:09

Folornhope you are so right. I bore myself sometimes with my constant obsessing about my weight and yet I seem unable to sustain any effort to lose it. What a sad case.

If anyone cares - I am 5 foot 9, weigh 13 stone 3 and currently struggling to do up size 16 jeans.

FolornHope Sat 19-Dec-09 13:13:41

haeva simple rule like " no eating between meals till xmas day"

that will put you back INTO a 16
then haev that as your measure.
sheesh think of all the more interesting things there are to do and talk about.
get your hair done, put some make up on adn walk tall.

FolornHope Sat 19-Dec-09 13:14:09

i can do online bossing if you like?

cornysxmasmuffmusic Sat 19-Dec-09 13:18:44

yanbu as I am banning the gym due to the snow and a box of milk tray

LizzyLordsALeaping Sat 19-Dec-09 13:20:30

Ineeda, I am having some time off my healthy eating.
So, am trying to balance stuff, if I know I am going to be having a big dinner, will just have a light lunch (or vice versa) have fruit for breakfast, stuff like that.

Also going to get out of the house for walks etc with the DC.

ineedalifelaundry Sat 19-Dec-09 13:53:12

Yes walking a great idea Lizzy. My poor dog has had a hurt foot for a few weeks, which has seriously curbed our walking habit. That is (I think) the reason I am now struggling into my jeans.

So, 2 new rules for me:

1. Out for a walk every day

2. No eating between meals until Xmas eve, unless it's a piece of fruit. (aargh - I baked a huge batch of biscuits yesterday!!!! blush)

FolornHope Sat 19-Dec-09 14:15:33

i think women bake so they have to eat them adn it makes them look all hosuwifey

bu really its greeed

blondiep14 Sat 19-Dec-09 14:17:06

I am not worrying about mine until the New Year. Am 37 weeks pregnant and have been trying to be quite good as I never lost all the weight I put on with DS before getting pregnant again.
However, I have been poorly for the last 6 weeks with cold after cough after cold and now all the lovely food is coming out and I can't drink I am going to damn well eat!!

TheProvincialLady Sat 19-Dec-09 14:18:13

Freezer for the biscuits. Only defrost a couple at a time when you have guests.

Tortington Sat 19-Dec-09 14:19:12

the issues are completely seperate.

personally i am continuing on diet until xmas eve - when i shall gorg or a veritable platter.

then i shall take it up again boxing day until NYE.

Ceebee74 Sat 19-Dec-09 14:28:03

Well having spent all of 2009 on a diet and lost 3 nearly 1/2 stone.....I am certainly not worrying about my weight for 2 weeks. I have currently got 10lbs left to lose and I think that if, on 2nd Jan 2010 when I will be starting my diet again, that has only increased to a stone left to lose, I will have done well over the Christmas period grin

So my plan is to eat anything I want, when I want - but I am also a very keen gym goer so I am still going to try and do that 4 or 5 times a week which should minimise the damage hmm

ebayaddict Sat 19-Dec-09 14:29:02

I'm not worrying about it until the new year and then I will go back to slimming world.

I'm 5 9 like OP and creeping towards 13 stone which will make me a size 14. In the summer I was happy at 12 stone which put me in most size 12s. I expect that it will take 2 or 3 months of seriosly watching my food to get back to that.

Trouble is that I'm a all or nothing kind of gal. I'm either fantastically good on slimming world or a truffling pig when I'm off the plan. I've put the weight back on despite going to the gym for spin classes at least 5 days a week blush

ineedalifelaundry Sat 19-Dec-09 14:38:53

I think I'm going off you FolornHope - that was quite cutting.

I like baking for baking's sake. I made a carrot cake the other week and gave most of it away because there weren't enough people at home to eat it.

I made fudge last week and took it all into work for my colleagues.

But of course, I do like eating the results too!

FolornHope Sat 19-Dec-09 14:39:39

no i do it myself.
you bake
feel smug " hey i have baked" then eat the lot.

FolornHope Sat 19-Dec-09 14:40:08

i htink anyone over their target weight needs to accept they are greedy!
myslef included.

LizzyLordsALeaping Sat 19-Dec-09 14:40:58

I bake so I can lick the bowl (cake mix is nicer than actual cake imo), also as it is cheaper and healthier for the DS's (flapjacks etc). If I am being very good then I add banana as i hate them so won't touch them.

duckyfuzz Sat 19-Dec-09 14:44:26

I have gone from a 14 vergin on 16 to a comfortable 12 since june and I'm not prepared to mess it all up just because of christmas...on the other hand I do love mince pies and yes, I make them so I can eat them grin I think damage limitation is the best I can hope for

ineedalifelaundry Sat 19-Dec-09 17:01:32

Well done duckyfuzz that's an inspiration to me smile Hope you enjoy your mince pies!

Just want to add that even though I said that to my DH, he is actually drinking more than usual at the moment sad But Custy is right - my weight and his drinking are completely separate issues.

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