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Grape Pizza?

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Rosebud05 Thu 10-Dec-09 21:44:26

This has been bugging me for weeks and as the number of CBBs threads have increased with the darker evenings, I feel amongst kindred spirits.
Do people actually eat grape pizza? Was there nothing else in the CBBs kitchen the day they had to make that truly appalling filler? Will Katie stun us all with a fruit cocktail pizza one day?
Your thoughts please (if you're as desperately sad as I).

Rosebud05 Thu 10-Dec-09 21:46:15

Just remembered I'm in AIBU. AIBU to not understand and truly detest the sodding grape pizza bit?

Gracie123 Thu 10-Dec-09 21:46:22

Never had grape pizza, although it sounds mildly appealing grin

Have you ever had an Afrikaana pizza? (think that's how it's spelled). It is pineapple and banana with a little bit of chilli and it is delish.

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 21:48:22


Bloody smug Katie
she threw her head back and laughed maniacally today just because some kid hadn't crushed his digestives properly
the whole thing makes me angry

and makes me appreciate the morons known as Ben and Small too

so even more angry

GoldenSnitch Thu 10-Dec-09 21:49:49

Pineapple on pizzas is wrong

But Grapes on pizza are totally, completely and unreservedly wrong and should not be allowed!!


morningpaper Thu 10-Dec-09 21:49:57

I wondered if they originally had olives but realised children wouldn't like olives, so got a bit desperate and tried to find something else

no explanation makes sense though, does it?

nancy75 Thu 10-Dec-09 21:50:11

i have actuallt had a mini argument with my dd about this, she told me katie had made grape pizza
"no dear it was probably olive, they look like grapes"
"no it was grapes"
and so on.
i saw the pereat the other day and it is grapes! who the bloody hell puts grapes on their pizza? and why?

CatIsSleepy Thu 10-Dec-09 21:51:44

am mildly distressed by the idea of grape pizza too

i notice that sappy alex doesn't actually eat the grape

annabelcaramel Thu 10-Dec-09 21:52:31

I was shock to find out she's only 23. I thopught she was mid 30s at least biscuitbiscuitbiscuit[i love the biscuit emoticon]

CatIsSleepy Thu 10-Dec-09 21:53:14

wouldn't the juice in the grapes get scaldingly hot and result in hideous burns to the inside of your mouth?
it's madness I tell you

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 21:54:29


biscuit indeed

LC200 Thu 10-Dec-09 21:55:47

Nancy I had that exact argument with my dd. I LOVE grapes, but on a pizza? I think not...

paranoidmother Thu 10-Dec-09 21:55:56

have found one
two pizza recipes with grapes on but it doesn't seem to be that popular

Hassled Thu 10-Dec-09 21:57:03

In Italy we have had a chip pizza (cheers, DS1) and a lettuce pizza (we were mystified - it was iceburg). Grape pizzas sound reasonable to me.

annabelcaramel Thu 10-Dec-09 21:57:14

She sings in a jazz combo too.

I know this because i googled her, such was my pathological irritation.

morningpaper Thu 10-Dec-09 21:57:17

I sat and watched the whole programme because I just didn't understand what was happening

First those lights in Norway, then the starfish, then this

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 22:00:56

Starfish? Lights? Huh?

annabel tell us more, more

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 22:01:09

I bet she's actually a robot

CatIsSleepy Thu 10-Dec-09 22:01:36

lordy annabel
does she scat?
<that sounds rude somehow>

no way is she 23

ButterPie Thu 10-Dec-09 22:02:02

Meh- I had just got rid of the handwashing song out of my head! DD1 sings it every time she washes her hands, then it stays in my head until I get rid of it just in time for another handwashing moment. Grrr! Although it makes a change from the big cook little cook tidying up song.

Hmmm, maybe I watch too much cbeebies...

annabelcaramel Thu 10-Dec-09 22:04:24

She got a first in drama. She has an agent. She does a lot of work with kids.

But there is something just so WRONG WRONG WRONG about her. The mere thought is making me do the raison face.

We're going to buy her a new t-shirt for christmas.

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 22:04:46

Tidy all the bits and bobs, the things which help us do our job, ingredients we'll put away, ready for use another day...

morningpaper Thu 10-Dec-09 22:09:28

She gives the impression of hating children

And the laughter on the show is CANNED. Have you noticed? It's the same squeaky-boy giggling each time. THE ACTUAL CHILDREN DO NOT LAUGH.

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 22:11:36

Do make it one with sleeves won't you?

First in drama - why so wooden then? Hmmmm.

PrincessToadstool Thu 10-Dec-09 22:13:13

Maybe I'll get some shampoo to go with it?

MP I have not noticed and will pay close attention - though are you sure it's not Katie laughing at her own jokes?

And yes she does seem to hate them - the grin is a bit rictus at times, no?

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