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to think using FRENCH bags for life is poncery?

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SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:06:27

in the Uk natch.

FlumpetMum Wed 23-Dec-09 15:46:23

I shall start a Waitrose thread! I am off there in a minute for the Christmas eve eve shift on the deli. "No sundried tomatoes? Oh my Christmas is ruined"

noddyholder Mon 21-Dec-09 17:41:22

A modicum of poncery gets me through the day sometimes

FolornHope Mon 21-Dec-09 17:40:26

omg you need tyour OWN thread
" from the back rooms of waitrose
Please start it now

FlumpetMum Mon 21-Dec-09 17:38:10

I work in Waitrose & it is FULL of ponce. On saturday after the 8 inches of snow, when no lorries could get to us, "Oh My God, do you know you are out of organic houmous?" "Sorry madam I will flog myself now" FFS

FolornHope Mon 21-Dec-09 16:04:37

oh yes and the german Umwelt ones

tallulahbelly Mon 21-Dec-09 16:03:42

I worked with Englishman who had a 'nucleaire non merci' sticker on his Morris Traveller.

I haven't seen him for 25 years but he's the sort of insufferable ponce to have a French bag for life now.

meaningofnight Mon 21-Dec-09 10:20:50

Guilty of the bag thing! I have French bags brought back from the South of France where we have our second home. And I always use them in Waitrose in Islington. How poncey is that?

Meglet Sun 20-Dec-09 22:06:52

I haven't noticed shoppers with foreign bags for life, I will have to keep my eyes peeled this week.

I have the M&S turtle ones (pink and green) and just got fabric ones from the dc's nursery with their hand / foot prints all over them. Everyone in my family is getting them for xmas whether they like them or not grin.

mellifluouscauliflower Sun 20-Dec-09 22:04:41

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged.

If you had some Carrefour ones like mine, you'd use them too. They are huge (no nanny state health & safety concerns in France), last forever and are in bright colours / nice designs.

Anyone who goes on a £5 booze cruise can get them. It's not exactly exclusive club..

MillyR Sun 20-Dec-09 21:59:06

I have a New York Strand bag for life, and it is in lunatic asylum ticking stripe. It is my favourite bag and I hadn't realised people were judging me on it!

nighbynight Sun 20-Dec-09 21:52:25

I use french ones (in germany) because they are better than anything else I have found.

they are stylish and made of incredibly strong and long-lasing woven plastic.

Stop being so insular!!

willow Sun 20-Dec-09 21:37:43

Am loving my Bryer stores one, right now.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 17-Dec-09 14:05:49

Is anyone else playing forrin bag for life bingo whilst Christmas shopping?

Saw some lovely ones in Waitroe yesterday - one a carrier bag from the Musée d'orsay. Poncerama.

BeingSoFullofFestiveCheer Thu 17-Dec-09 13:43:33

I've got two French bags for life, which I have used every week for SEVEN years and are only just showing signs of being on the way out.

Tesco Sacs de vie last an average of two months.

That's why I use mine. And i don't care if you think its poncey, so there <sticks tongue out emoticon.

corriefan Thu 17-Dec-09 13:39:49

Ooh I love the Scillies! Spent every summer there as a kid and went again more recently and it still has its magic! Not the Scillonian though, could do without that! Sorry off topic!

5Foot5 Thu 17-Dec-09 13:29:15

I can understand why someone might want to keep using the bag that reminds them of their holidays.

We went to the Isles of Scilly this year and I saw someone with a "Scilly Old Bag" and I would have loved one of those but unfortunately never managed to find one while I was there. If I had I would definitely be using that for the shopping.

sparechange Thu 17-Dec-09 13:17:39

I use carrefour ones blush
We got them a few years ago and I haven't really seen the point in throwing them out
I wonder if UK supermarkets will replace them? Waitrose replaced a tatty old Sainsburys one for me...

MrsBadger Thu 17-Dec-09 13:01:08

I thougth of this thread today in Tesco

spotted 8 international bag-for-life ponces, mostly Fr, including me grin

corriefan Thu 17-Dec-09 12:44:51

I've got a french on from PROXI (?) from our hols 2 years ago. It says "Proche de la vie et complice de la nature" on it. I've kept it and always use it with other British bags for life. It sounds daft but I like using it it reminds me a little bit of times I've spent in France and it's a bit different. It has never occured to me it was a 'thing' people do or a class type thing to be judged by, how odd!

FolornHope Thu 17-Dec-09 12:31:42

lol iu thoguht of this thread the other day as i found a noN brand centre parcs one

willow Thu 17-Dec-09 12:30:58

Fwiw, the Corsica ones are far better quality. Can shift tons in them without losing feeling in fingers. Hence fact they are still with me - eighteen months later.

willow Thu 17-Dec-09 12:29:15

I mix and match my Corsica bags for life with my Asda ones. Glamsual, that's me.

fairylightsgliMMErontheLINDTen Sun 13-Dec-09 09:41:58

In the interest of research a tidy cellar, I dragged all my bags out yesterday and folded them. I can report that the best ones are the Carrefour ones, they fold easily without much swearing. The Champion ones are ok but require an Origami course, and the ones from Attac get balled up in a fit of rage and thrown in the corner.

Will send you one of the nice Carrefour ones on Monday.

ninedragons Sun 13-Dec-09 06:26:07

I have Lao bags for life. They're the ultimate in backpacker ponce.

dilbertina Sun 13-Dec-09 06:13:03

So, can I get away with just getting everyone French bags for Christmas? [hopeful emoticon)

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