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to think using FRENCH bags for life is poncery?

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SCargot Thu 10-Dec-09 14:06:27

in the Uk natch.

nighbynight Sun 20-Dec-09 21:52:25

I use french ones (in germany) because they are better than anything else I have found.

they are stylish and made of incredibly strong and long-lasing woven plastic.

Stop being so insular!!

MillyR Sun 20-Dec-09 21:59:06

I have a New York Strand bag for life, and it is in lunatic asylum ticking stripe. It is my favourite bag and I hadn't realised people were judging me on it!

mellifluouscauliflower Sun 20-Dec-09 22:04:41

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged.

If you had some Carrefour ones like mine, you'd use them too. They are huge (no nanny state health & safety concerns in France), last forever and are in bright colours / nice designs.

Anyone who goes on a £5 booze cruise can get them. It's not exactly exclusive club..

Meglet Sun 20-Dec-09 22:06:52

I haven't noticed shoppers with foreign bags for life, I will have to keep my eyes peeled this week.

I have the M&S turtle ones (pink and green) and just got fabric ones from the dc's nursery with their hand / foot prints all over them. Everyone in my family is getting them for xmas whether they like them or not grin.

meaningofnight Mon 21-Dec-09 10:20:50

Guilty of the bag thing! I have French bags brought back from the South of France where we have our second home. And I always use them in Waitrose in Islington. How poncey is that?

tallulahbelly Mon 21-Dec-09 16:03:42

I worked with Englishman who had a 'nucleaire non merci' sticker on his Morris Traveller.

I haven't seen him for 25 years but he's the sort of insufferable ponce to have a French bag for life now.

FolornHope Mon 21-Dec-09 16:04:37

oh yes and the german Umwelt ones

FlumpetMum Mon 21-Dec-09 17:38:10

I work in Waitrose & it is FULL of ponce. On saturday after the 8 inches of snow, when no lorries could get to us, "Oh My God, do you know you are out of organic houmous?" "Sorry madam I will flog myself now" FFS

FolornHope Mon 21-Dec-09 17:40:26

omg you need tyour OWN thread
" from the back rooms of waitrose
Please start it now

noddyholder Mon 21-Dec-09 17:41:22

A modicum of poncery gets me through the day sometimes

FlumpetMum Wed 23-Dec-09 15:46:23

I shall start a Waitrose thread! I am off there in a minute for the Christmas eve eve shift on the deli. "No sundried tomatoes? Oh my Christmas is ruined"

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