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There's a starfish in our garden this morning...

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Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 08:11:48

AIBU to wonder if it might be the end of the world?

BitOfFun Sun 06-Dec-09 15:27:18

We found a starfish in the car last year. I am assuming the dog put it there after a walk on the beach (ie the dog had been out for a walk, not that the dog was escorting the starfish down the promenade or anything). But now I'm not so sure. It might have been the start of something very weird.

bramblebooks Mon 07-Dec-09 09:32:43

Have they returned? Is the house totally plastered to them to the extent you can't get the door open?

They would make fab Christmas decorations - instead of sticking paper snowflakes to the window, you could just squidge them by the suckers. You wouldn't have to worry about taking them down on 12th night, because by then they'd either have peeled off, been eaten by seagulls, rotted or beamed back up to the mother ship.

Deadworm Mon 07-Dec-09 09:41:53

This is a wonderful thread. The suggestion of shouting patrick very loudly in the starfish's ear is easily the best piece of advice I have ever read on Mumsnet.

rumpleteaser Mon 07-Dec-09 13:08:32

I used to live right near Brighton beach, once it was so windy all the pebbles blew up onto the pavement.
I think there is starfish there too.
Has it been windy?
If there was only 2 starfish though, I'd be more inclined to think it was some kind of starfish love story, like Romeo and Juliet.
Ahhhhh.. poor things.

iheartdusty Mon 07-Dec-09 13:23:07

yes..they tried to break away..they just wanted to be free, free to love each other... but they were cast back, thrown back to their eternal torment..etc.

RustyBear Mon 07-Dec-09 15:48:50

'Rain of toads' is apocalypse stuff, 'rain of starfish' sounds a bit too cute to be apocalyptical.....

SerenityNowAKABleh Mon 07-Dec-09 16:10:22

If they do come back you could always spray paint them silver, cover them with glitter and use them as xmas decorations. That'll teach 'em.

Deadworm Mon 07-Dec-09 16:33:32

The beach closest to where I live in the north east had a plague of starfish one time that we were there. Hundreds and hundreds of them all over the rocks and the sand. No idea why, but being only 13 miles from the sea we locked our garden gate tight that night just to be sure.

StealthPolarBear Mon 07-Dec-09 16:37:40

why patrick? i have to know
they'll be back...and bigger

Oy. Wimmin of the world. Is this aibu? Well I ANBU.
I was taking my girl on our holidays. We'd had a fantastic day soaking up the rays at our resort and I was planning a good night, if you know what I mean. I'd mainly tanned, apart from one of me toes, which had got in the shade and was still all white.
I paid extra and we'd travelled by albatross rather than gull air, torpedoed right into our resort we were.

Well, then I was unceremoniously removed from my luxury suite and removed back to the salt - not my bit of beach either, but the bit up next to the palace pier where all the chavs and goths go at night.

I'm not happy. Never got to get one of my ends away.

I've contacted control and they're on their way to sort it aht.

ROFL, PMSL @ Alice! Funny thread!

and JackBauer. You haven't phoned, you haven't sent flowers, you haven't texted. What's a guy to do? Man alive, as if the plastic bag wasn't bad enough mate ... Thank the spiny Lord that starfish stretch.

bramblebooks Tue 08-Dec-09 19:28:20

Have they come back yet?

Are you still there?

bramblebooks Tue 08-Dec-09 19:36:27

Oh Holy Carp! It's happening, it IS the end of the world ... here

TinselinaBumsquash Tue 08-Dec-09 19:38:09

Watch out if you get them again, Cats will travel miles for a Starfish (to eat it, not as a test of love or anything) but they are fatally poisonous to Cats.

Its a bit creepy that 2 ended up in your garden at the same time......

JustAnotherManicMummy Tue 08-Dec-09 19:57:19

OMG. It's like Day of the Triffids. But with sea food.

<Still sniggering at Jack fucking the starfish. In a carrier. Classy>

LightShinesInTheDarkness Tue 08-Dec-09 20:07:18

How lucky are you to live 100 yards from the sea?!!

SomeGuy Wed 09-Dec-09 04:11:45

Is it a chocolate starfish?

tamm26 Wed 09-Dec-09 05:07:28

hey ..i had a starfish in my garden last week too !!! i live bout 50 yards from the sea .. i did rekon it was birds or a dog ran up here with it ....mine was a bit broken but as we were convinced they can grow back from even one leg we walked it back to the sea...

Are you in Norfolk? ml

mumhadenough Fri 11-Dec-09 17:27:11

This must become a mumsnet classic surely! roflmao. Brilliant thread!

All those poor poor starfish on the beach though sad

Monty100 Fri 11-Dec-09 17:51:17

Ronald how do you know it was a boy? shock.

If it didn't answer to Patrick, you could have shouted Patricia?

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