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to to be pissed off with my xmas pressie from MIL

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crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:30:49

for my birthday my MIL asked me if i would like money or a present for my birthday and me knowing how much i hate recieving presents cause i am so fussy with everything asked for the money and explained i would enjoy picking something myself, she decided to get me a present anyway of which she chose a tracksuit, i never wear tracksuits and dont even own trainers, the tracksuit was also 2 sizes to big, she then got the hump when i asked for the reciept to change the size not the gift!!

now we have secret santa in our family and she has got me and has showed me the present she has got me and its a really taky bag (that i doubt she would use herself)which i will never use, this may be the only present i recieve this year as me and my partener are not buying for eachother as money is tight

i might sound very ungrateful but i feel there has been no thought put into either of the presents she has chosen me and she bought her other DIL a very lovely present

BitOfFunderthemistletoe Thu 17-Dec-09 02:36:26

Come on, lem73, we need examples!

MadamDeathstare Thu 17-Dec-09 02:25:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMattie Wed 16-Dec-09 23:24:16

Lots of people are just totally shit at present buying. Deal with it.

FleeBee Wed 16-Dec-09 23:17:03

This is making me laugh... One year my MIL got me some tummy control pants - Bridget Jones stylee - but this was pre-DC and I was a skinny size 8 at the time, and these were a size 12. Sadly I'm too large for them now!!!

I was bit hmm at the time but my DH thought it was hysterical.

A few years ago she bought me a Tommy Hilfiger watch and it was hideous. She'd made a big fuss about my joint Christmas/birtday present (yep christmas birthday) saying she'd spent a lot on it and my SIL was saying how wonderful it was. and she was v. jealous of my gift...

I hated it. It was just awful and I felt terrible with my fake smile and thanks, all the time my DH was killing himself laughing because he knew I hated it,and it just wasn't my style. I just felt so awful and ungrateful and gave it to a charity shop. She said she bought as she knew I loved designer labels. I don't like designer labels, Florence and Fred is as designer as I get!!!

MIL and SIL have since moved overseas so I don't get presents now.

lem73 Wed 16-Dec-09 22:43:28

No I don't think you are - I think she's being quite unkind. My mother in law likes to give me crap presents. My solution is to do the same right back at her. Luckily my husband has no interest in picking presents for his very demanding mother so she never gets a decent present from us. Don't get mad get even.

Veggiemincepie Wed 16-Dec-09 18:51:39

OMG Thingamajig that's aweful, what an evil lady, and the severed hand is terrible.

I can't believe some of these presents, my MIL is quite lovely and gives nice gifts, however she occasionally gives clothes to me which are nice enough but she likes to point out that they were actually given to her but 'of course' they are too small so she thought I would like them hmm

My SIL on the other hand gave my DS1 girls clothes for his 4th birthday! Bless him when he opened them he exclaimed 'I can't play with these!'.

porcamiseria Tue 15-Dec-09 13:56:17

if the tracksuit still has tags on it take it to shop and change it!

you are being a bit ungrateful, but frankly it sounds like s SHITE GIFT

but thats family for you, I feel guilty for being rude about an "extra large" kaftan I got for my b day..... so I hear you!

ChristieF Tue 15-Dec-09 12:09:20

Your mother in law won't be around forever. Hold that thought. I used to have the mother in law from hell. How she produced my lovely husband I don't know. Peace at last. For us that is.

thingamajig Mon 14-Dec-09 23:36:01

Step MIL last year bought me a stanley knife. Which would have been bad enough if I hadn't been in hospital at the time, with depression/self harm/suicidal thoughts hmm

altern8gal Mon 14-Dec-09 14:01:52


I think this gift was off my mum, as she has 2 of these on top of her piano and gave my son one for xmas once....ha ha!

Squitten Sat 12-Dec-09 12:07:17

I'm crying with laughter reading this and also dragged DH in to read some of these - hilarious

I appreciate my MIL much more after reading this!

Mandy1966 Sat 12-Dec-09 11:29:03

Oh my, what a brilliant thread, sitting here with tears running down my face, laughing hystericaly

dizzyg Fri 11-Dec-09 23:02:35

this thread has made me laugh!! i thought i had he mil who gave the worst presents but the vsock and the comb that is hilarious!! my mil doesnt 'do presents' i get for my husband and dds and she gives me the money and dh husband gets mine for her she she actually does buggar all I even wrap them for her!!

CheeryCherry Fri 11-Dec-09 20:59:57

Oh yes, MIL got me a plank of wood for the bbq for my bday too...and I'm vegetarian...

CheeryCherry Fri 11-Dec-09 20:58:53

My MIL has bought me juice-maker books for the past4 years....but we have no juice maker....

Anti-wrinkle face cream in my twenties too...

Louise0212 Fri 11-Dec-09 20:43:42

I agree with the person who said some people just go for quanity over quality. My SIL for one - we have had random tat for years, including a plank of wood for BBQing fish (?), horrible serving bowls, 'Indian' food dishes...handle fell off taking it out of the packet. Anyone who has seen the ITV programme tonight called 'Christmas for a Pound' can probably take a stab at where these delights came from. Thankfully, we now only do presents for the kids...

My worst present was from my nan. She came back from holiday in Spain, proudly bearing identical presents for me and my sister. I opened it out of her sight (probably just as well) - it was a peach coloured towel, about the size of a guest hand towels, with velcro running down the sides. It took me a while to realise it was meant to be a handy way of wrapping the towel round you and holding it up. Well, it probably worked quite well if you were the size of a small 5 year old. When asked what I thought of it, I tried to be quite tactful and point out it was a bit on the small side. My nan's response? "you must have put weight on" shock BTW, my sister is about 3 dress sizes bigger than me, so goodness knows what my nan thought she was going to do with it - a legwarmer perhaps?! It was too bad even to take to a charity shop...

pooexplosionsonthedustyroad Fri 11-Dec-09 19:18:45

Ninth, I'm going to print this thread and keep it until my boys are grown up, for inspiration <evilfutureMILcackles>


NinthWave Fri 11-Dec-09 19:09:04

I would love to know how many Mumsnetters will turn into batty crap-present-givers when their DC are old and married grin

gemmasetters Fri 11-Dec-09 17:27:41

last year my brother (who is by no means poor) bought me a can of air freshner. I eagerly await this years offering...

DingALongCow Fri 11-Dec-09 16:25:43

Five years ago my stepmother wrapped up all the contents of the family medicine cupboard and gave them to me as a birthday present. She had just moved into the old family home with my father and obviously wanted to get rid of all the bits and bobs that had accumulated over the last 20 years, but instead of dumping them she wrapped them beautifully and gave them to me.

So a very exciting looking box full of little interesting packages included :

a half full bottle of surgical spirit (circa 1984 when my brother was born)

a TCP bottle from the early 1980s (when I was born). She was particularly pleased with that one as I was pregnant at the time.

3 cotton buds nestled forlornly in their plastic box

a selection of crusty and manky make-up bits that were at least ten years old.

Plus one of those straps for holding on sanitary towels and a packet of the mattress sized towels to clip onto it.

She was pleased, I did lots of rictus smiling. I dont think our relationship has ever recovered.

Jux Fri 11-Dec-09 16:17:13

Didn't someone's MIL give them an elastic band?

amystev Fri 11-Dec-09 15:55:19

My MIL sends my boyfriend and I a Christmas card each year titled 'To my darling son, and his girlfriend'. My mum also gets 'To my darling son and his wife' cards, so we now consider them a running joke.

This is the same woman who asked me if her son was 'OK' with the fact we were pregnant with a girl, as if somehow the gender of the child was my fault. When we told her we were pregnant again she just said 'oh for God's sake, you're not are you?

My lovely MIL also gets me stunning presents. 2 years ago I received a small fire extinguisher for Christmas, followed the next year by a fire blanket. I absolutely dread to think what exciting thing I'll open this year - although if it's following a theme perhaps it's a fire engine with a load of nice firemen in it. A girl can dream!

I've just had to learn to put up with the woman. We're going there for Christmas lunch so I'll be gritting my teeth for England and drinking enough rose to pickle an elephant.

HeffaMerryChristmas Fri 11-Dec-09 15:42:40

My MIL phoned me up on Christmas Day and said that she liked the present I'd given her but did I want it back for my birthday (mid-January). I thought she was joking, but no. At least she's recycling I guess.

There have been lots of other random gifts but she often picks fab presents. I sometimes get a voucher for their shop which is fantastic (jewellery shop!).

I think the knicker elastic wins though.

secretgardin Fri 11-Dec-09 15:34:16

wish i had a MIL as i seem to be missing out on a lot of fun sad

altern8gal Fri 11-Dec-09 15:28:28

I went through a stage when I was young and hip (?) of shaving my head...Sinead O'Connor (ex) mother in law bought me a hairdryer!

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