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to to be pissed off with my xmas pressie from MIL

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crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:30:49

for my birthday my MIL asked me if i would like money or a present for my birthday and me knowing how much i hate recieving presents cause i am so fussy with everything asked for the money and explained i would enjoy picking something myself, she decided to get me a present anyway of which she chose a tracksuit, i never wear tracksuits and dont even own trainers, the tracksuit was also 2 sizes to big, she then got the hump when i asked for the reciept to change the size not the gift!!

now we have secret santa in our family and she has got me and has showed me the present she has got me and its a really taky bag (that i doubt she would use herself)which i will never use, this may be the only present i recieve this year as me and my partener are not buying for eachother as money is tight

i might sound very ungrateful but i feel there has been no thought put into either of the presents she has chosen me and she bought her other DIL a very lovely present

2ChildrenPlusLA Wed 02-Dec-09 19:58:55

My grandma bought her son (my dad) a bag of tabaco for christmas 6 months after he had given up smoking. She explained as he opened it how she had bought it for him before he had given up.


Well that's alright then.

Thing is, my grandma was lovely, so you should base your relationship on presents.

2ChildrenPlusLA Wed 02-Dec-09 19:59:59


crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:04:47

i know i would never stop talking to her over it or anything its the offering of money and then thinking actually no! she couldnt of seen that tracksuit and thought thats got her name written all over it honestly leggings and pumps is as casual as i go, if i could see where she was coming from with the tracksuit id not say a word, but it just makes the bag worse now aswel

LynetteScavo Wed 02-Dec-09 20:05:55

Why on earth has she shown you your Chirstmas present now???

YANBU - there is no point in knowing you are going to get a gift you don't want, like you say she is wasting her money.

And what has she got her other DIL?

PurpleCrazyHorse Wed 02-Dec-09 20:09:39

I got a tub of plastic farm animals (DH got plastic dinosaurs) from my MIL... luckily it was in our stocking so I did get a bigger pressie grin

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:13:45

well she isnt getting other DIL as we only buy one present and recieve one present! she bought her other DIL a molten brown gift set for her birthday though

RJRabbit Wed 02-Dec-09 20:15:10

Is it just me with tears streaming down my face with laughter? Some of these gifts are hilarious! There's obviously a lot of passive-aggressive mils out there!

OMG I'm loving the verrucca sock (I'm so sorry) and the comb! Oh the comb....

RJRabbit Wed 02-Dec-09 20:15:55

plastic animals? why?

EdgarAleNPie Wed 02-Dec-09 20:19:07

my Mil once bought a feather duster as a present...

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:19:25

they are funny, but at the time its slightly embarrassing im dreading opening the bag on boxing day infront of everyone, and then she will moan to everyone and anyone that i dont use it

ilovesprouts Wed 02-Dec-09 20:22:58

gosh you lot are so lucky my mil has bought me nothing in the 4 years ive been married to her son .

BAUBLEnod Wed 02-Dec-09 20:24:30

Oh god, I hate opening christmas and birthday presents in front of my MIL. Every year she gets me something hideous and every year I smile sweetly and then take it to the charity shop at the first available opportunity. For my birthday last year when I was pg she bought me a hideous size 14 (I am size 10 and she knows it) pink frilly shirt from mothercare. I have not worn pink or frills since I was about 3 years old. What can you do?! grin

Weegle Wed 02-Dec-09 20:26:28

I think I posted this on a similar thread last Christmas - my MIL (who really is ok most of the time) once gave me a Nail Kit with USED emery boards in it - anyone who knows me knows my nails are short (was work related at time), but still USED emery boards, that's just grim...

BAUBLEnod Wed 02-Dec-09 20:29:35

hahahaha - weegle I think i remember you from that thread last christmas grin

fledtoscotland Wed 02-Dec-09 20:34:20

i too am loving this thread. FIL is very kind to me (MIL died some years ago) and I do all his shopping as he cant get out. Because I don't buy my own present he always gives me a very generous cheque to go shopping with in the sales.

malung Wed 02-Dec-09 20:36:17

Sprouts,I feel for you but honestly, what my MIL buys is not so much a present as an excuse to insult me. Nothing would be a better gift.wink

crazybubbasmummy Wed 02-Dec-09 20:40:03

USED EMERY BOARD!!!! that is grim im glad i put this tread on as i am feeling alot better now, she is a lovely lady, maybe just abit odd i do get mixed feelings from her one minute i feel like her best friend the next i feel she cant stand me, she probably gets the same feelings from me x

redballo Wed 02-Dec-09 20:43:28

My MIL buys me fantastic present, its the ones from my Mother that I cant fathom.

hair gel (I have long hair)
a jumper with satin embellished balls on it.
For years a thimble from every where she went. Why??

IckleJess Wed 02-Dec-09 20:48:52

My sister's MIL bought her a Trinny and Susannah 'What Not To Wear' book and an anti-cellulite brush one Xmas!

My MIL is really good actually which I'm very grateful for.


5Foot5 Wed 02-Dec-09 20:49:39

It's not a very secret Santa is it?

a) You know who is buying for whom

b) She tells you what she has got before Christmas.

delphinedownunder Wed 02-Dec-09 20:50:43

My MIL buys me nothing and nothing for my birthday either. My mother this year had bought my DH a polo shirt (right size, nice colour, completely fine) and some socks. She has bought me a box of soft centre (strawberry cream?!!) choccies that were impounded at customs and opened up for inspection - oh, and this is a joint birthday and Christmas present for me. Clearly I have done something to offend. Do you think I can ask for her rather nice pressie back for myself?!

pollywobblebauble Wed 02-Dec-09 21:03:20

boo to knowing about secret santa in advance....does she know she can wind you up?

my mil once bought me a lovely, correct sized nightie for xmas..thought lovely....then in front of dh she said she liked it so much that she'd bought one for herself .....No! MIL> No!

hohoholepew Wed 02-Dec-09 21:19:00

haha at nighties. MIL bought me a nightie, it was, at least, 15 foot long , with long sleeves and a high ruffle neck. When I opened it she said to DH "Well you won't be wanting her wearing that". With a big smile on her face.

It's like some twisted Greek tragedy.

pollywobblebauble Wed 02-Dec-09 21:26:43

grinhoholepew,good idea,may buy the tale of oedipus for mil!

LadyGlenChristmasPresent Wed 02-Dec-09 21:27:59

My PIL bought DH a car torch two years running. I usually get a calendar.

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