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To not want to stuff myself silly over the Christmas period?

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hattyyellow Tue 01-Dec-09 14:15:38

I'm currently trying to lose the baby weight from DD3. I'm not massively overweight, my BMI is in normal range but I'm trying hard to not eat cakes/crisps/chocolate etc.

I'm finding that many people get pretty irritated with me when I refuse whatever sweet/sugary thing they're offering. I don't think I make a big song and dance about it, I just quietly say no thank you. This time of year is particulary big on people offering mince pies etc left, right and centre.

DH is a particular culprit who seems to think I should just let the diet go over Christmas and stuff myself silly with cheese, cake etc like he intends to. I also seem to be irritating other mums who go on and on about how it's only a cake. Yes, but I just don't want it.


HumphreyCobbler Tue 01-Dec-09 14:16:54

tell them you are on the candida diet due to excessive thrush. That'll shut them up grin

diddl Tue 01-Dec-09 14:24:03

Of course YANBU.

And your husband is BRU!

You know if you "stuff" the weight will go on much more easily than it will come off!

Does your husband tend to put weight on?

diddl Tue 01-Dec-09 14:24:59


Should be Being Very Unreasonable!

passionberry Tue 01-Dec-09 14:29:07

YANBU - I was the same last Christmas and it seemed to really annoy my colleagues. I lost 2 and a half stone over the next few months so it was totally worth it!

This year I am pregnant and fully intend to stuff my face with mince pies. And I certainly won't care or even notice if other people are joining me or not!

nickytwotimes Tue 01-Dec-09 14:31:25


Once you get into the habit of not eating rubbish, it is better to stick to it. Nothing wrong with the odd wee treat of course, but it is entirely up to you.

It may well be others are envious of your willpower. Ignore 'em.

AnyFucker Tue 01-Dec-09 14:36:20

it is not obligatory to put weight on at Xmas/holidays etc

I never do < smug >

I just eat normally because I eat what I want, within reason, instead of scoffing everything in sight just for the sake of it

cumbria81 Tue 01-Dec-09 14:53:45


It's Christmas!

mistletoekisses Tue 01-Dec-09 14:58:46

YANBU! I have never understood the whole christmas weight gain thing tbh. I cant think of anything more depressing than stuffing my face and then having weight to lose in the new year.

Enjoy your treats and feel v smug when in NY you have not gained any weight.

Sn0wflake Tue 01-Dec-09 14:58:58

Just ignore them. You are in a good place. Am a bit surprised at lack of support from husband. Mine is very supportive....but then I have quite a bit to lose after the birth of my son.

Anyway good luck.

hattyyellow Wed 02-Dec-09 12:41:58

Thank you! Will continue my diet with fresh vigour!

santaschristmascakeywakey Wed 02-Dec-09 12:44:51

YANBU, just tell people that if you're not nibbling, there's more for them, and that you really appreciate their support as you try to lose your baby weight.

If they push it, burst into tears, that'll make them feel mean. grin

Rubyrubyruby Wed 02-Dec-09 12:46:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pikelit Wed 02-Dec-09 12:47:39

Ignore people's remarks. Whose business is it anyway? I don't stuff myself silly at Christmas either mainly because it's not an ongoing habit of mine at any other time of the year. But I don't encourage people to make stupid personal comments either.

mum2seb Wed 02-Dec-09 15:07:48

YANBU!! ANd your DH IBU!!! I was a very good girl last Christmas, and actually LOST a couple of pounds - and reached my target weight a couple of weeks ago, after losing 4 stones in 15 months!! And I WILL NOT be putting it back on this Christmas - and I don't care what the in-laws think when I'm there for Christmas!! I'm not going through all THAT again!!!
Good luck!!

Albansanne Wed 01-Dec-10 11:47:03

I think you need to do what you want really and if you want to eat too much, go for it! What I would say is you might end up feeling worse if you put on more weight and then have more to lose. You can have a few extras and treats without going overboard. I'm on the celebrity slim diet and I'm going to allow myself a few nice bits but still essentially stick to the diet so I don't undo all the good work in a few greedy days!

otchayaniye Wed 01-Dec-10 12:01:51

It is irritating when the feeders are bent on breaking your good habits. Of course, it is done to validate their own greediness.

Sometimes you can redouble your strength in the face of all this food. Refusing it once gives your the moral high ground to refuse it another time.

I've not understood this Christmas bingeing (but then I've lived abroad a while). For me it's a few drinks parties and a roast dinner with the stops out and some leftovers for the next two meals. Not a 6-week-long Rabelaisian feast.

otchayaniye Wed 01-Dec-10 12:05:12

What you can do over the Christmas period is eschew carbs mainly and stick to meat ease up on the starchy veg. No sweets. And stick to wine and champagne.

That way you get the feeling of enjoying tasty food (smoked salmon, eggs, turkey, ham, green veg, etc) with none of) and a few drinks with none of the bloating lardiness. And the farting.

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