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to want my dad to stop calling me sausage?

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Swedington Thu 26-Nov-09 00:20:49

I'm 45 ffs?

Tortington Thu 26-Nov-09 00:22:51


its lovely

Vallhala Thu 26-Nov-09 00:27:52

YABU. My Grandad used to call me Sausage all the time when I was a child. I'm the same age as you and this Christmas will be the 5th one without him. I would give anything to have him still with me, calling me Sausage... its a term of endearment.

macwoozy Thu 26-Nov-09 00:34:52

Yikes I'm called sausage too!! But I'm more freaked out that my cousin is known as 'mash'.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 26-Nov-09 01:39:54

YABU, It's a lovely, affectionate word.

>>recalls using it for pfb<<

fernie3 Thu 26-Nov-09 08:48:57

my gran calls me a soppy haddock... it could be worse (it is affectionate!)

pjmama Thu 26-Nov-09 09:34:05

It's his right and privilege as I'm sure he'll always see you as his little girl, no matter how old you are. YABU wink

MintyCane Thu 26-Nov-09 09:37:37

YABU lucky you

Ixia Thu 26-Nov-09 09:44:43

YABU, my Dad calls me Bud or Sam, neither of which is my name!

SuperSoph73 Thu 26-Nov-09 09:47:58


I call DS1 Sausage or Poop .... however, he's only 7 and hasn't told me to stop yet so I guess I can get away with it for a bit longer

Ivykaty44 Thu 26-Nov-09 09:49:04

call him swede - get your own back?

msrisotto Thu 26-Nov-09 09:50:21

My dad and sister call me sausage! Why? I have never understood it. I thought it was just them being weird but now i learn it is widespread! There MUST be a reason!

morningpaper Thu 26-Nov-09 09:54:47


I call my DDs sausage too


RockBird Thu 26-Nov-09 09:56:35

YABU it's lovely

deepdarkwood Thu 26-Nov-09 09:57:30

dd is called sausage (or often sausie) precisely because my dad called me sausage. Where does this one come from? Little fat swaddled babies?

ChilloHippi Thu 26-Nov-09 09:57:45

YABU. I call DS sausage.

Prunerz Thu 26-Nov-09 09:58:59

It could be worse: my father called me Fanny until I was 15 and threatened to leave home if he didn't stop. He still has the occasional lapse and I'm 37.

OrmIrian Thu 26-Nov-09 10:04:35

I used to be spud. Was spud as a baby but it re-emerged when I was just the right age to get very offended. He has stopped now. I rather liked it.

(spud was because of my name not because I was fat and shapeless I might add!)

CatIsSleepy Thu 26-Nov-09 10:06:58

awww grin

i was a sausage, my dds are sausages too

perhaps you could be something a bit more grown up....chorizo?

Flower3545 Thu 26-Nov-09 10:09:09

Count your blessings, I was "affectionately" known as Buggerlugs courtesy of my dadhmm

ginnny Thu 26-Nov-09 10:09:49

My Dad used to call me Princess or Poppet!!!
I used to hate it but actually I miss it now he's gone sad

teameric Thu 26-Nov-09 10:10:33

YABU my dad used to call me princess, now it's his pet name for my DD, I wish I was still his princess smile

juneybean Thu 26-Nov-09 10:12:06

I was always pud and I vaguely remember my cousin being called the little sodpot haha

upahill Thu 26-Nov-09 10:13:31

You are lucky to have a dad that thinks of you in affectionate way.

whoisasking Thu 26-Nov-09 10:15:13

I was pigeon <bemused>

Unless I was constantly shitting on the car windscreen and was minus a foot, I don't really get it.

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