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To not be able to stop my dc from jumping on the bed?

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monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:20:17

One just fell off and bumped his head. I just phoned my GP and he said to stop them jumping on the bed but they won't stop!

elliott Mon 23-Nov-09 20:23:11 remove them from the bed? Or from the bedroom if necessary?? Repeatedly until they understand you mean it?
Do you really need someone to tell you how to do this??

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:25:35

Oh great. Now one of the others has fallen off and bumped his head too!

Off I go to phone NHS Direct....

tibni Mon 23-Nov-09 20:25:54

YANBU. You need the doctor with his bag and his hat, who knocks on the door with a rat - a - tat tat. He is good at getting dc to bed, he drugs them with his special Pill, but it is so worth the bill!

lovechoc Mon 23-Nov-09 20:26:01

keep a close eye on the one that bumped his head, sure he'll be ok though. Just ignore their behaviour, they are obviously doing it for attention.

bit harsh elliott sometimes it can be stressful being a parent and we ask questions when we are panicked in a situation.

MisterAlestorm Mon 23-Nov-09 20:31:14

Is this really an appropriate use of NHS resources?!

You should keep your children under control!

The medical services are under a lot of pressure at the moment! I heard of a GP in Gloucestershire that was recently caught in the floods and he stepped in a puddle and it was waist deep!

With these kids of circumstances occurring across the country right now, you really shouldn't be bothering the medical professionals!

For shame!angry

paisleyleaf Mon 23-Nov-09 20:32:19

'No more monkeys jumping on the bed'

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:32:51

Why are you all being so horrible to me? I just asked a question. MN is full of horrible biatches.

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:33:23

What do you mean paisley?

I've already told them to stop!

E45 Mon 23-Nov-09 20:34:26

You are the parent, you say NO they obey. Easy. Otherwise you will be on here in 14 years time asking how you can post bail for your juvenile scumbag delinquent.

All the time moaning that your darling, is much misunderstood.

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:35:49

Oh ffs - now the other one has fallen off too!

Do you think I should phone the dr again? <<worried>>

PrincessToadstool Mon 23-Nov-09 20:37:15

Are you joking?

StarExpat Mon 23-Nov-09 20:38:02

paisley grin
Are there 5 monkeys on the bed?
Because if so, you should phone the dr after every single one until there are "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"

PrincessToadstool Mon 23-Nov-09 20:38:08

Oh, this is your first post. Welcome to Mumsnet, yes we're all bitches. Now fuck off and control your children, there's a love.

paisleyleaf Mon 23-Nov-09 20:38:18

Try waggling your finger at them when you say "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"
Otherwise the GP will tell you to put them straight to bed.

StarExpat Mon 23-Nov-09 20:39:14

Even if she is serious, She is obviously following the popular rhyme. I'm so amused! Because my 13 month old loves this song. grin

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:39:47

No, there are 3. hmm

How do you mean, finger waggling?

halfcut Mon 23-Nov-09 20:40:12

The dr will come with his bag and his hat.....

uberalice Mon 23-Nov-09 20:41:19

Have you been hanging your green bottles precariously on the wall again?

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:42:00

Do you think he/shell will halfcut?

I don't think our surgery do home visits anymore....

RTKangaMummy Mon 23-Nov-09 20:42:20


SebbysMum Mon 23-Nov-09 20:43:45

re the head injury: I've heard vinegar and brown paper works well

PrincessToadstool Mon 23-Nov-09 20:47:57

Embarrassed at nursery rhyme knowledge, won't you have some gin instead? [passes bottle]

Weegle Mon 23-Nov-09 20:48:54

See if you can get hold of Miss Polly's doctor - he seemed much more willing with a sense of urgency...

monkeymaman Mon 23-Nov-09 20:53:30


Stop being so silly, I've been lurking on MN for ages, it seemed like a really nice place, and then tonight I really needed help and you're all taking the piss. sad

The dr won't come out, he just told me to stop them jumping on the bed! What the f do we pay our taxes for, I ask you!

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