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To keep my daughter home from school

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fernie3 Fri 13-Nov-09 07:06:49

I probably am and I will probably change my mins its only 7am and I am awake early because of pain

Last night I was walking down the stair stood on the cat and slipped from the top to the bottom of the stairs.

I have grazed and pulled both of my arms so have bleeding sore bits on them, my back is twisted so it hurts to move or stand and my poor ickle (well ok quite big) bottom is bruised like no ones business. I hurt everywhere . I have three young children to get to school and back which is about a mile each way. No family to help (my husband cant take time off work).

would it be totally unreasonable to keep my daughter home and lie still for the day?

fernie3 Fri 13-Nov-09 07:08:22

sorry for spelling mistakes. I have no excuse Im just bad at typing

sockonmyhead Fri 13-Nov-09 07:16:08

can you not get in touch with any other school runner to take her?

if you can't move then she can't go but I think you should try and find some one to take her if posible

Wonderstuff Fri 13-Nov-09 07:16:15

poor you [hugs] Are there no neighbours with children who can help? I would probably try to get them to school so I could suffer on my own in peace. But if you are too sore to get the there and there is no one to help then I'm sure them missing one Friday isn't the end of the world.

girlsyearapart Fri 13-Nov-09 07:32:31

oh poor you.

Agree with others ask someone else at the school to take them and you can spend the day suffering on your own.

The big question is -how is the cat??smile

sockmonkey Fri 13-Nov-09 07:37:29

I'm sure one day will not affect their education. Hope you recover quickly, sounds painful.

fernie3 Fri 13-Nov-09 07:38:28

I might call the school and ask although I am worried about them saying it will go as unauthorized because it says in the little book that parental illness is not a reason for absence and it will not be authorized!. My little girl is only in reception and I dont really know the others mums very well.

I talk to them in the playground but dont have any contact details etc.

The cat is fine - he seems to have come out of it totally unharmed which is amazing.
I think it was the action of avoiding him which made me fall lol.

Wonderstuff Fri 13-Nov-09 07:52:49

I wouldn't worry about an unauthorised absence, they aren't going to shoot you for it!

KimiTheThreadSlayer Fri 13-Nov-09 07:53:02

Keep them home, missing one day in reception is not a big deal.

Have a hot bath and put the cat out

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 13-Nov-09 07:56:01

It would be ideal if you could get someone to take her, but not because it would be bad for her to miss. I think its a good enough reason to miss a day. But, if she is at school, you can lie still without having to look after her, rest and recover in peace.

Hope you feel better soon x

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