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to have expected a response a little sooner

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hobnobsaremyfave Thu 12-Nov-09 12:25:53

I had my wallet stolen nearly 3 weeks ago. I reported it immediatley I realized it had gone (the next morning) and rang to cancel my cards. The credit card company informed me that my card had be used 3 times after being taken which I found pretty scary and upsetting (fortunately no money taken). I told the woman on the non emergency police number this but she was totally disinterested and said someone would be in touch. Fast forward 3 weeks and I get a phonecall today from a policeman. He left a message as I was on school run saying that he needs more info so he can START investigating the theft. His message says that he has no details about the incident.
AIBU to feel a bit annoyed that it has taken this long for someone to look into this and also the fact that someone tried to commit credit card fraud wasn't noted. I know it wasn't the crime of the century but I found it distressing, and inconvenient (replacing cards etc) and also I lost 20 quid which is a lot of money for me. By now whoever did it will know they have got away with it and therefor are more likely to do it again.

pinkdelight Thu 12-Nov-09 13:56:49

Sorry you feel distressed and inconvenienced, but that was the criminal's fault, not the police's. Ideally they'd sound more interested and get back to you quicker (at least the woman didn't give you false expectations!), but like you say, it's not the crime of the century and resources are very stretched, esp for fraud which is lower priority than anything threatening public safety. Realistically, can you imagine a copper turning up and starting the investigation the same day for such an incident? Sad though it is, them days are pretty much gone, and it's not likely they'd catch the thief in the act so time's probably not such a factor anyhow. Sorry if I sound a bit jaded. Perhaps it's having worked for the police in the past! Not saying you shouldn't complain if you feel they've been unprofessional though. And hope it's all sorted soon.

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