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to think this is totally unacceptable and pretty disgusting...

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PDR Wed 11-Nov-09 16:28:06

I work in a hotel.

This week one of the owners came to stay for 3 nights.

I did see him on Monday night and I took a drink down to his room on my way out the building. When I knocked on the door, and a woman answered so I handed her the drinks, the extention number for the bar and said I would be leaving the office now. I did note that she locked the door after she closed it but thought nothing of it at the time.

I come into work this morning to be told by other memebers of staff that the woman was a prostitute and the owner had different one "visit" him last night and even took her into dine with him in the restaurant with other guests around.

I was also told that on the first night he had left the used condom on the nightstand for the housekeeping girls to clean.

He also took £50 from the bar till last night as he didn't have enough cash to pay for the prostitute's taxi. We don't deal much in cash (guests usually put drinks on their room bill) and our whole till float is £50 so in the end he as asking guests if they could lend him £50 and he would knock it off their bill! Shocking!

This is not a cheap hotel, we charge a minimum of £150 a night at this time of year!

AIBU to think this is completely disgusting behaviour??!

Pheebe Wed 11-Nov-09 16:30:13

He owns the hotel right? so I'd have to say YABU to think its unacceptable - he's a grown man, can do as he pleases but YANBU to think the condom thing is disgusting eeeewwwwwwwwwwww

redsofas Wed 11-Nov-09 16:30:40

whatever! lmao

WenisLicker Wed 11-Nov-09 16:30:45


The used condom is fucking gross.

fairycake123 Wed 11-Nov-09 17:22:08

How did they know the women were prostitutes?

Asking guests to lend him cash is moronic. Did he have any experience of hospitality before he invested in the hotel? It doesn't sound like it.

groundhogs Wed 11-Nov-09 17:26:36

Hmm, he's only ONE of the owners... perhaps a little note needs to be sent to one of the other owners about this.... hmm

It's grossly unprofessional.... £50 for a cab... How far away did she live? FFS, he was probably borrowing the money to pay her. Eww.

The condom is just beyond disgusting, he's leaving it as a kind of trophy? Eww Eww Eww!

Callisto Wed 11-Nov-09 18:11:40

Revolting and extremely unprofessional. Expecting cleaning staff at his hotel to dispose of his own used condom is really not on. He obviously has no respect for his staff. Not sure what you can do about it though, maybe an anonoymous letter to the other owners? I certainly wouldn't want to work for him.

famishedass Wed 11-Nov-09 18:22:55

Well, he's the owner of the hotel, so the money he took out of the till is his money isn't it.

The used condom is revolting and as someone said he clearly has no respect whatsoever for his staff. Is he married?

Why did you take a drink down to his room? Are you a waitress?

He sounds a bit weird. Like he wants the whole world to know he had sex with a woman wink - what's he trying to prove?

famishedass Wed 11-Nov-09 18:26:21

Oh I just seen he was asking the guests to lend him £50.

That is funny - fancy a hotel owner having to have a whip round amongst the guests to get enough money to pay his hooker!!!!!!!

Jeez, never mind telling the other owners, I'd be on the phone to the daily mail - go on, they'll love it.

SolidGoldBangers Wed 11-Nov-09 18:54:29

Well up to a point he can do what he likes in his own hotel. However, the leaving of used condoms around is revolting behaviour. And the blatant borrowing of money from guests is peculiar.
DId you actually see all of this, though? Or could it be rumours growing with each repetition because the staff don't like the bloke much?
I ask because, quite simply, making that much of a blatant display that you are paying for sex is wierd and suggests that he's acting out or trying to prove a point.

PDR Wed 11-Nov-09 19:01:38

Yes he owns 50%. His ex-wife owns the rest.

I wondered if I was BU seeing as it is his hotel and all, but honestly, why behave like this on your own doorstep? If you must engage the services of a prostitute then why not check into some anonomous chain hotel?

I took the drink down as I had to walk past his room on my way out to go home. The bar staff were a bit busy as one person had randomly not turned up for work.

I don't know if he was kind of "proud" of himself?

His ex wife can't stand him and they were always having public rows before they got divorced (in front of staff/guests).

The staff that I spoke to were pretty sure he was with prostitutes as he is single, said he was having a "business meeting" and they could clearly hear what he was instructing the girls to do through the door.

IOn the first night I was there the woman arrived at about 7pm and stayed for 2 hours.

The taxi would have been quite expensive as the hotel is quite remote and the nearest town is about 12 miles away.

He is normally very hands off, just the occastional visit but he's coming back on 20th for 2 nights

The money is a problem as his ex wife has said before that he is not to take money from the hotel. Hard to say no though as it is technically his money.... but I'm sure you all know that we have to account for every penny in the accounts. We don't keep a lot of cash on-site and it is very unlikely that he will pay it back! Ah well, the accountant will have to tell his ex-wife so maybe that might lead to her asking him what the hell he is doing!!!!

HerBeatitude Wed 11-Nov-09 19:01:52

LOL. Is your hotel called Fawlty Towers? Is he Mr Fawlty Junior?

dittany Wed 11-Nov-09 19:05:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PDR Wed 11-Nov-09 19:06:51

Yes indeed.... just like Fawlty Towers! You couldn't make this shit up!!!!!

Maybe we could do a reality tv series???

No it's absolutely true SolidGold - I confirmed it with several different people whom I know very well and trust.

Apparantly he has done it before......

Also, one of the girls rang him via the office switchboard and when asked her name she said "Suzy, oh no sorry it's Sam" lol.

Different girls both nights tho so the first one obviously didnt want to come back! Don't blame her - he is VILE!!!!!

Callisto Wed 11-Nov-09 19:45:38

Yuck. Out of interest, what is the hotel policy on taking prostitutes to rooms? I don't think that decent hotels tolerate it do they? Lowering the tone and all that. (And I agree Dittany, using a prostitute at all is dispicable).

Is there a way of letting his ex know about it that doesn't get you into trouble?

PDR Wed 11-Nov-09 20:01:12

I think it would most definately be frowned upon Callisto but it has never come up really. We are in quite a rural location and so even getting hold of a prostutute is a bit of a mission (hence £50 taxi lol)!

But we did once have a man who stayed alone and we saw some teenage boys going in/out of his room - we called the police and asked him to leave.

I was thinking about putting a rewiew on trip advisor as if I was a guest.....

The ex-wife owner does come about once a week so I could speak to her, but I think she would just dismiss it as "gossip" or I can imagine her being so embarrassed she'd put it back on me IYKWIM.

If I worked in housekeeping and I had to clean up a used condom, I would most definately make it known that that was *not in my job description* or maybe just left it there??!

zebramummy Wed 11-Nov-09 20:05:53

gosh - sounds like a pretty lively place to work - beats sitting semi-comatose in front of a computer (my enduring memory of working life).

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