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To be scared of my own baby as he is Donald Trumps...

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JesusChristOtterStar Tue 10-Nov-09 22:15:25

mini -me?

for a short time only - check out my profile! shock

cookielove Tue 10-Nov-09 22:16:30

you don't have a profile????

Hassled Tue 10-Nov-09 22:16:36

I would if I could - profile not visible. Is there a shock of groomed blonde hair?

JesusChristOtterStar Tue 10-Nov-09 22:19:01


JesusChristOtterStar Tue 10-Nov-09 22:22:19


ok look now - if you dare!

JackBauer Tue 10-Nov-09 22:23:52


JackBauer Tue 10-Nov-09 22:24:12

He looks thoroughly unimpressed BTW.

Hassled Tue 10-Nov-09 22:25:42

He's a sweetie - Donald Trump is v.harsh

wideratthehips Tue 10-Nov-09 22:26:54

he is absolutely scrumptious.... lucky you!

JesusChristOtterStar Tue 10-Nov-09 22:26:59

It's his Donny pout

Popped a comparison pic up for the geneticists on here!

cookielove Tue 10-Nov-09 22:32:42

grin so cute grin

JesusChristOtterStar Tue 10-Nov-09 22:40:15

no one freaked by the Trump -double?

callaird Wed 11-Nov-09 12:43:37

Aw bless! He is adorable, even with a frown!

fannybanjo Wed 11-Nov-09 12:45:46

PMSL at this thread! He is gorgeous!

JesusChristOtterStar Wed 11-Nov-09 20:56:14

thanks for the sweet comments

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