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To think adverts for and more info on formulas should be allowed?

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StrictlyBoogying Tue 10-Nov-09 21:38:07

I couldn't and didn't breastfeed either of my DCs for many reasons and when in hospital I was asked which formula I wanted DD1 to have. I had no idea which to choose and the staff weren't allowed to suggest or recommend one brand. I think it's ridiculous. People who want to make an informed decision on formula aren't being allowed to.

ruddynorah Tue 10-Nov-09 21:39:19

how would an advert help you make an informed decision?

DianaDavrosandthesupremedaleks Tue 10-Nov-09 21:40:40

All formula is more or less the same though, isn't it.

StrictlyBoogying Tue 10-Nov-09 21:41:15

Am I naive to think that they'd have to tell the truth about nutrients, vitamins etc?

CharCharGabor Tue 10-Nov-09 21:42:33

IMO, adverts don't offer unbiased information, which is what I would want in order to make an informed decision. Also it is pointless for HCPs to recommend a particular formula as nutritionally they are all pretty much the same, no better than each other. Formula companies have helplines to give information about their formulas if that's what you require.

StrictlyBoogying Tue 10-Nov-09 21:42:37

Are they? When I was finally able to pluck a random formula name from my mind, the Midwife told me it was the closest brand to breast milk.

AvrilH Tue 10-Nov-09 21:43:01

what truth? are you saying they don't tell the truth now?

CharCharGabor Tue 10-Nov-09 21:45:38

The adverts for follow on don't give info on nutrients and vitamins etc. They don't want to help you, they want to persuade you to buy their product.

Vallhala Tue 10-Nov-09 21:46:40


I don't know that advertising will help anyone make a particularly informed decision but I do know that I thoroughly resent the bloody Nanny State censoring such advertising.

I'm sure that someone will come along and tell me how we need censorship like this as formula is the devil's milk and that so many babies die as a result of it, at which point I'll remind them that this is Britain, not the third bloody world, and so the argument will run and run as before on formula milk.

Nothing will convince me that censorship of this type is acceptable in our society.

CharCharGabor Tue 10-Nov-09 21:46:53

Midwife was talking out her arse, tbh. No brand is closer to breastmilk than any other. Might be the one best marketed to midwives though.

DianaDavrosandthesupremedaleks Tue 10-Nov-09 21:47:05

Your midwife is taking crap

MrsBadger Tue 10-Nov-09 21:48:09

yes strictly you are

StrictlyBoogying Tue 10-Nov-09 21:49:22

No Avril, I just meant that an advert might help people make choices if they were completely honest.

Char - I wouldn't mind them trying to persuade me as long there was honest information.

Fitzy72 Tue 10-Nov-09 21:49:48

they should be allowed. not all formulas are the same and it is very difficult to get enough information as to make an informed decision about which to choose.

moomaa Tue 10-Nov-09 21:51:31

YABU, if you were planning to formula feed, wouldn't you have got some in before the baby arrived? Otherwise, what would you feed it? Then you can just read all the boxes in the supermarket.

Anyway they manage to get information out somehow, my BF kids both had aptimil polar bears and cow and gate cows. Very cute they are too.

CharCharGabor Tue 10-Nov-09 21:51:54

Honest info isn't biased though, which advertising is. Its purpose is not to inform which is my issue with it.

TheCrackFox Tue 10-Nov-09 21:52:08

The best way to choose formula is by using the same brand as your nearest 24/7 shop.

ruddynorah Tue 10-Nov-09 21:53:38

advertising isn't about honesty. it's about seducing potential customers with as much as the company can get away with. formula companies make just the same wild claims that hair and beauty product companies make.

Fitzy72 Tue 10-Nov-09 21:53:54

just because you ff doesn't mean that you had planned it that way before the birth.
there are many reasons why bf does not work

StrictlyBoogying Tue 10-Nov-09 21:54:32

moomaa - I wasn't planning to FF DD1. Some information in hospital might have helped.

JjandtheBean Tue 10-Nov-09 21:57:10

Never mind the types of forumlar about or adverts for them, they all do the same job really dont they?

BUT alot of people NEED more open info on how to prepare bottles and store or not store as the case may be, far to many babys are ill because of people genuinely not knowing what to do!

I planned to bf both children, the midwife demanded pfb ds was 'topped up' as he had a few problems when i got home i realised i had no idea about formular at all, this situation is actually how i first discovered internet forums!

abbierhodes Tue 10-Nov-09 21:57:30

Mooma, not everyone who formula feeds does so because they plan to.

You sound very smug tbh.

sazlocks Tue 10-Nov-09 21:57:57

I don't think its the job of NHS staff to offer opinions on the type of formula you should use. I think its up to individuals to find out information about brands and make their own informed choices. That said it must be very stressful being on a ward or early days at home trying to choose between brands especially if you have never given it a second thought if you were planning to breastfeed. I have never used formula so no idea how I would choose between them or how I would get hold of information about whether one brand is any better than another.

2shoes Tue 10-Nov-09 22:00:32


LeonieBurningHeapy Tue 10-Nov-09 22:01:32

Message withdrawn

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