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to resort to banging on the walls

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Sassyfrassy Tue 10-Nov-09 18:52:48

We've lived in our rented house for just over a year now. It's a semi detached house. The neighbours on one side have a lot of children and there are always hordes of kids running around outside which we don't really mind much.

But, every day and more and more each day they bang something and the noise resounds around the house very very loudly. It often wakes the baby up and it's really annoying.

We've tried knocking on the door but they don't answer. We've heard them shouting to each other when knocking on the door but they don't speak english so we have no clue what they are saying. I feel so fed up with it that I feel like banging the wall really hard whenever they start.

serge Tue 10-Nov-09 19:48:25

omg that sounds awful..... have you reported it to your landlord?? or the noise control peeps at the district council??
ihave had bad experiences with noisey neighbours, and too be honest have done both of the above and contacted police over it, i have even dialed 999 and told them to do their jobs as i have had no help from none of them.
all of what you said is totally out of order, i also live in a community where there are neighbours with kids but i cross the line at hordes running around outside my home and being a disturbance.
start logging everything, even the minor petty stuff, contact your landlord about this, and the police for some advice, at the end of the day some intervention to happen before you go crazy with this, best of luck, and im sorry to hear that yet again people think they can live like animals and treat others with disrespect.

Sassyfrassy Tue 10-Nov-09 20:50:52

Thanks for the advice serge. It used to be banging around 7 in the evening each day, now it's on and off all day and evening. I just can not understand what they are doing in there. DH is going to try talking to the husband of the house as we see him about sometimes. Good advice about contacting landlord about it. Rumour has it that she wasn't too happy with the neighbours when she lived here either.

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