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to walk my dog at a time that suits me?

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mrsjuan Tue 10-Nov-09 14:06:27

I genuinely don't know if I am or not so am really interested to hear your opinions.

There are not many options for dog walking within walking distance from us & only one option (a big field) suitable for dog + pram when it's too rainy to use the sling.

I like to take the dog out at the time DD normally has a nap (about 9) but every time we go to the field at that time there is a woman who stands in the middle of the field throwing a ball for her dog. The dog is aggressive & she requests that I keep our dog away from him so I end up having to put our dog on the lead & he doesn't get a decent run.

I understand that my dog isn't perfect & would probably run up to the aggressive dog if he weren't on the lead & that this would set back the training that she's doing with him. But she's there for ages so I have no choice but to keep our dog on the lead for his entire walk.

This morning I plucked up the courage to talk to her but ended up chickening out & just asking what time she normally came out (same time as us).

I can't help but think that if a dog cannot be trusted with other dogs then perhaps it should be walked at a slightly less sociable time of the day so that other dogs can have a decent walk.

paisleyleaf Tue 10-Nov-09 14:36:50

My mum has a dog that's nervous around other dogs, and she herself prefers to walk her at times that aren't so busy with other dogs.
She also sees it as her responsibility to put her dog on the lead as it's her dog with the problem.
So I think yanbu.
But it sounds like this woman might be a bit sticky.

VengefulSinner Tue 10-Nov-09 14:40:26

I agree with Paisleyleaf - It is the other woman's responsibility, esp. if her dog is agressive.

But again (without being brown nose to Paisley wink) sounds like she won't budge...

poorbuthappy Tue 10-Nov-09 14:41:18

YANBU - I had a large alsation who hated other I would walk him very late at night and also check that there was no one else on the field at the time.

GrimmaTheNome Tue 10-Nov-09 14:42:18

YANBU. She should at least offer to take turns at having her dog on the lead.

I think I'd be tempted to try to get there ahead of her! Though getting out earlier with a babe is easier said than done.

Rubyrubyruby Tue 10-Nov-09 14:43:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fruitshootsandheaves Tue 10-Nov-09 14:44:23

Agree with Grimma, I'd try at least once to get there first and let your dog off, Hopefully she''ll then have to keep her dog onlead when she arrives.

paisleyleaf Tue 10-Nov-09 14:44:27


copperjar Tue 10-Nov-09 14:45:58

Dogs do run up to each other though- it's only natural.

OP, perhaps you could politely explain your issue to her, and see if you could both compromise?

girlsyearapart Tue 10-Nov-09 14:49:51

YANBU if her dog is the aggressive one it should be on the lead but then if your dog ran up and got snarled at/scared it would be your fault I guess.. iyswim.

She sounds like a bit of a wierdo tbh.

Rubyrubyruby Tue 10-Nov-09 14:50:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsjuan Tue 10-Nov-09 14:53:36

Ruby - I agree that would be the ideal - I'm not one of those 'he's just being friendly' types. I know it's a PITA when an unwanted dog runs over.

He's not terrible & tends to do his own thing but it's the ball that attracts him grin

Come to think of it we were there first this morning but she just strolled into the middle & started. Perhaps I need to grow some balls of my own!

GrimmaTheNome Tue 10-Nov-09 15:06:48

So if you were already there, did she come along and ask you to leash up? If so, if she does it again politely tell her that your dog hasn't had enough off-lead time yet but that you'll only be 5, 10 or whatever minutes.

Rubyrubyruby Tue 10-Nov-09 15:07:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rubyrubyruby Tue 10-Nov-09 15:07:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PictureInTheAttic Tue 10-Nov-09 15:09:50

Have only read the OP, but I think that the lady sounds committed to training her dog- perhaps you could offer to help her by letting your dog trot past and see if she can call him back successfully? It will probably give her a real boost to see him making progress if he doesn't bite your dog.

TrillianAstra Tue 10-Nov-09 15:18:28

YANBU to walk your dog at a time that suits you

She has the same right - to walk her dog at a time that suits her.

You both have a responsibility to keep your dogs under control.

Do you really think she should change her dog-walking habits to suit you?

MrsJohnDeere Tue 10-Nov-09 15:19:51

Genuinely baffled as to why she doesn't put her dog on a lead if it is agressive. Fair enough for her to ask you to put yours on a lead but she has to do the same.

Perhaps it is some half-baked plan to socialise him by letting him have fun around other dogs.hmm

mrsjuan Tue 10-Nov-09 15:21:43

lol at the *if * he doesn't bite your dog! I do think she's committed to training him though which is why I'm trying to give her a bit of a break & keep my dog away.

Yes - I will say that next time Grimma - she didn't ask today - just looked pointedly!

We have got an extendable lead - could give it a go but he's a lurcher and really loves (and needs to) run. His recall is pretty good (for a lurcher wink) but I don't like to take any risks around aggressive dogs (for their sakes as much as his).

Also, with the pram I am a bit limited in my usual strategies if he doesn't come back immediately!

mrsjuan Tue 10-Nov-09 15:29:00

Trillian - I don't think I she should change to suit me but neither should I change to suit her! My dog is under good enough control under usual circumstances - I call him back if there's another dog on the lead, small children or people playing with a ball but it's not fair to expect him not to run up to a dog that's off lead.

It seems that everyone else that used to walk their dogs at that time has changed though because now it's just us and her. I suppose we need to find a compromise.

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