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*TAFKAAAAAARGH* - not really AIBU but quick question re: home-birth

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TootaLaFruit Tue 10-Nov-09 10:16:25

TAFKAAAAAARGH - (sorry, hi-jacked from another thread) but can I ask about what made you decide to have an at-home birth after your first?

The birth of my dd sounds v. similar to your 1st hospital birth - I was basically a bystander at the whole thing, had absolutely no control over anything and found the whole thing so traumatic I was shaking afterwards (stirrups, ventouse, episiotomy, a room full of people telling me I 'wasn't pushing properly') - I'm pregnant again and although I would love a relaxed, safe, lovely birth at home this time my last experience has left me feeling I couldn't do it by myself, and would need to have it in hospital. With all the docs who made me feel so inadequate. I know it doesn't quite make sense but I feel like I need them.

How did you decide to have an at-home birth and did you have any worries?

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