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to post this snopes link to my facebook

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DuelingFanjo Tue 10-Nov-09 08:44:00

don't add these people to your facebook bollox because a member of my family has just posted this warning on their facebook and I can't believe they are so stupid to think it's true.

Hulababy Tue 10-Nov-09 08:47:21


I always check snopes when I see these kind of things. Infact yesterday I confirmed on one of my FB "friends" that the virus threat they had posted was infact true.

Have seen others do similar.

I saw the one you mention on someone else's FB yesterday but wasn't sure where on snopes to look. Thanks for confirming for me it is false

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Tue 10-Nov-09 08:49:27

Dear dear dear
yes, post it, and put that anyone who sends that to you will incur your dripping disdain. Steals pictures of your kids and sells them to perverts? Lol. is your friend - I have no qualms about hitting 'reply all' with a link when some muppet well meaning friend of mine sends a dire warning of exploding parcels or car park ether attackers to everyone in their email list. Bah.

MorningTownRide Tue 10-Nov-09 09:09:39

I get about one email a month from some well meaning eejit.

The last one said that if he forwarded 20 people the email he would get a free laptop. It even said he had checked it with Snopes...

I checked on Snopes and what a big smelly was b*llshit!

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