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to get annoyed with my mum when she says this

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Saltire Tue 10-Nov-09 08:37:04

Every single day she rings me.
and every day she says "hows your Polymyalgilalia"" I don't have Polymyalgia, I have Fibromyalia.She knows this, but stills says it

Sometimes she will say "hows your fibromyamyamymaligai" or "Hows your fibroidmyalgia".
I know its a trivial thing, but It really winds me up, what with that and her incessant "are you sure its actually fibromyalgialigilia? It sounds very like MS/Lupus/whatever illness she read about in People's Friend"
It's every day i get this, plus her making me feel like I'm stupid and the incessant ringing every day to ask "hows the dog" or "how's your washing machine doing" er it's fine it washes, will i ask it if it's ill.

Sorry I am ranting here I know I am and probably shouldn't be posting in AIBU, as I suspect I am

differentID Tue 10-Nov-09 08:40:50

no, we all have those little niggles Saltire. My mother has difficulty in processing some things as well- adding letters on etc.

I think she's lonely/ wants to be more involved in your life. Is there a huge distance between you?

Saltire Tue 10-Nov-09 08:46:09

Yes there's a 7 hour drive between us. Thing is though (and I am going to sound like a right cow) she is partly to blame for her being lonely.
My dad died 22 years ago. Up until then she chose to stay at home and looka fter him as he was ill, but TBH he mananged well on his own. She has never worked since I was born 39 years ago. She spends her days running around after idiot DB2 who is 32, but she tells people "oh I can't work I have family to looka fter". She won't go away for the day with step dad(now retired) because she might not be back in time to cook DBs teahmm. I'm actually not going down ts route, I get angry about the relationship between her and DB2

Anyway, back to OP. She is told every time "It's Fibromyalgia I have) and she just says "oh so it is, I forgot"

iLikeDots Tue 10-Nov-09 08:46:48

It must be very annoying to have your mum phone up like this day after day. When I speak to my nan on the phone, she repeats the same thing everytime, and eventhough she hasn't been out the house in years feels that she knows evrything about everthing as she hear it LBC on her 'wireless' hmm !

However, I'm with differentid, is it because she is lonely and is just making excuses to call you just so she can speak with you as she lives on her own/ feels isolated ?

iLikeDots Tue 10-Nov-09 08:48:39

x-post. Opps

diddl Tue 10-Nov-09 09:51:31

I can see that it´s annoying, but I´m sure you know YABU.

Would she worry if she didn´t talk to you everyday?

Saltire Tue 10-Nov-09 15:13:23

"Would she worry if she didn´t talk to you everyday?"
yes if I didn't answer the phone she would keep ringing until i did. In fact she called the police (military police adittedly but police all the same) when I was pregnant with DS1 and we went out for a meal for my birthday na dwhen we got back at 11.30 I did 1471 and there was a missed call from her. Turns out she had rang 21 times between 7.30 and 11pm, and first thing int eh mornign the miltiary police arrived a tour house, as she ahd rung them (DH worked on a military base) and they turned up to check on us.DH was livid. She even rang my DB1 who was in NZ at the time to see if he could try and she rang MIL as well.

She makes me feel unconfident in my parenting abilites , and my 2 DSes ar e11 and 9 now and she still makes me feel that way

diddl Tue 10-Nov-09 15:31:21

Gosh, YANBU!

That´s excessive.

You are allowed a life that doesn´t revolve around her phone calls!

Perhaps you could agree a day/time and tell her to phone then.

Since having a family, i tend to only phone parents once a week.

More if there´s something specific to say.

I don´t know how toput this without it soundind awful, but is she ill in someway?

mathanxiety Tue 10-Nov-09 15:42:04

Does she have some sort of obsessive compulsive thing going on, or maybe an anxiety disorder? YANBU to be annoyed, but there's something ott about her behaviour, like she has habits she can't shake off.

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