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Gillybean73 Tue 10-Nov-09 03:29:47

AIBU to be extremely p**sed off at East Coast Nursery for discontinuing the Alfie Giraffe range of nursery items right in the middle of me kitting out my nursery with them! AAArrrgghhh!! Can anyone out there help? I am still hoping to buy the Cot bed bale, cot bumper, cot bed quilt, plush toy, layette box and potty. I have everything else in the range and am totally gutted!!
:-( I will consider buying good condition second hand items if any of you have this range and are finished with it? or if you know of any shops near you that still have bits and pieces from this range I'd greatly appreciate your help ladies!

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Nov-09 03:35:50

Being a Yank I have no idea what this is but YANBU and I bet you can ebay it!

Gillybean73 Tue 10-Nov-09 03:44:26

I've tried ebay and Amazon but unfortunately, the only Alfie Giraffe items that are currently on there I have already which is just typical!

GreenMonkies Tue 10-Nov-09 03:46:37

No, but YABU for kitting out your nursery in all that matching stuff. Chill, mix and match!!

Gillybean73 Tue 10-Nov-09 03:52:49

GreenMonkies - each to their own!! If I had wanted to mix and match, I'd have done that from the start! thanks very much for the not very helpful advice! Any constructive help anyone has for sourcing the missing items would be greatly appreciated thanks.

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Nov-09 03:58:14

Yeah, all my stuff is Pottery Barn so back off!

Gillybean73 Tue 10-Nov-09 04:00:40

Pottery Barn must be a US thing, we don't have it here but I remember it being mentioned on Friends once

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Nov-09 04:04:02

Oh right, where Rachel wanted to deck everything out in Pottery Barn and Phoebe objected Pottery Barn Kids is adorable. Good luck with your search!

sandcastles Tue 10-Nov-09 05:31:37

Google is your friend t=firefox-a

Knickers0nMaHead Tue 10-Nov-09 06:55:45

hmm you do know there are for sale boards on here dont you?

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 10-Nov-09 08:22:13

YABU to take offence at what I consider to be good advice. So there. Of course I don't know what Alfie the giraffe is being an old woman who lives in the Alps where our children's motif is some sort of rat thing called Globi.

Poiparcel Tue 10-Nov-09 08:32:32

If East Coast Nursery is a shop, then you may be able to ask for their supplier. If they are a supplier, you should be able to ask them for who they supply to.

Gillybean73 Wed 11-Nov-09 03:16:05

KnickersOnMaHead - I tried for ages last night to find the for sale boards on this site and failed miserably! I have to say that it is not the most user friendly site when you are new to it and don't know your way around it. Every time I searched for the for sale section, a screen kept coming up about charges if I was a business user. How do you access the for sale section if you are a technophobic person like me?

Poiparcel - East Coast Nursery is the manufacturer who do not sell directly to the public. I have already been in touch with them a couple of times and they did help me source a couple of things from shops they have supplied in the past but they were unable to assist with the rest of things that I am still missing unfortunately.

Gillybean73 Wed 11-Nov-09 03:20:01

Sandcastles - thanks for the link but I have already exhausted all the things that come up when you search on google. Mostly, it is things that I already have that are coming up and on the odd occasion where I've got super excited thinking I've found something I still need, when you click on the stock availability to try and order it, it is coming up out of stock or no longer available. Thanks for trying for me though, much appreciated.

sandcastles Wed 11-Nov-09 06:15:03

You're welcome, Gilly.

Hope you get what you need

borderslass Wed 11-Nov-09 06:33:16

Gilly if you go on to the topics link the for sale boards are at the bottom of the column.

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