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to say something or wait a while

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biggirlsdontcry Mon 09-Nov-09 17:14:08

my next door neighbour has moved out last friday& is now renting out the house beside us , on friday a couple moved in with a dog , since then the dog has not stopped barking & howling , this morning both of them left for work at 7.10am & this animal went ballistic & hasn't stopped all day its driving me crazy at this stage & ds says he cant concentrate on his homework , it looks like a puppy of about six months & i understand the poor thing is in a new house & is scarred but should i say something to his owners or wait a few more days & see if the dog settles down ?TIA X

mankymummymoo Mon 09-Nov-09 17:16:51

3 days of constant barking? Even when they were in?

displayuntilbestbefore Mon 09-Nov-09 17:17:23

Gently and diplomatically let the owners know their dog has been howling and crying all day every day since Friday and that it has concerned you.
If it continues then speak to your next door neighbour if you're still friends with them - they will want to know if their tenants are causing any problems.
Why is no-one coming home to tend to the dog during the day? They shouldn't be left a full day on their own should they?

Stayingsunnygirl Mon 09-Nov-09 17:25:52

Our puppy is about 6 months old, and I think long and hard before leaving her home alone. The longest she is ever home alone is 3 hours, when I am at art class, and she stays happily in her cage. I wouldn't leave her any longer than that, and have modified my life to fit her needs.

Nine hours is way too long to leave a dog that young all alone at home. My neighbour occasionally has to leave her adult dog at home all day, but a dog walker comes in and takes the dog for a good long walk in the middle of the day.

I think display's advice is good - talk to the new neighbours if you can, or to the old neighbours, so they can talk to their tenants. If nothing improves, you could contact the RSPCA.

biggirlsdontcry Mon 09-Nov-09 17:26:13

sorry should have said since friday they seem to be rarely home , they moved in at 10pm on friday night & the dog started barking straight away , they took the dog indoors at 2am because it was still barking , then let it back out 6am on Sunday morning , we all woke up because of the howling angry dd 3 sleeps in the back bedroom , then yesterday at 11am they left again & the dog went crazy ,they did not return until after 7pm yesterday evening & he was barking non stop until they got home &again at 7.10am this morning i heard their car drive off & the dog barking , they are still not home now . aaagggghhhhhhhhh

BitOfFun Mon 09-Nov-09 17:29:16

Can youu get in touch with the council? They may give you some advice on what they can do re noise abatement orders etc, and the neighbours will be forced to make proper arrangements to have it looked after properly.

Or call the RSPCA- they might do a visit if the dog is being left for that long.

biggirlsdontcry Mon 09-Nov-09 17:32:12

yes the old neighbour(house owner) dropped into me before he left on Friday & gave me his mobile phone number just in case we had any trouble with his tenants , but i don't want to be a nuisance , i have not met the new neighbours yet but i don't think its very fair of them to bugger off to work & leave this poor animal alone all day yelping /howling & barking constantly all day . i am ASAH mum so have a headache at this stage from listening to this dog .

displayuntilbestbefore Mon 09-Nov-09 17:34:36

If you have the old neighbour's tel number and he has expressly told you to call if there's a problem, then give him a call - he'd think it far less of a nuisance than having the rspca turn up and ask questions about his tenants!
Call him now so he can come and hear it for himself!

claricebeansmum Mon 09-Nov-09 17:36:29

firstly, have a quiet word with neighbours. They may not realize what is happening.

It sounds to me as though they are leaving the dog far too long. Our 1 year old doodle is not left for more than 4 hours. If we are going to be longer then we get a dog walker in, or farm dog out to a friend grin if we are not taking her with us. I think she enjoys the peace when we're out I think! grin

biggirlsdontcry Mon 09-Nov-09 17:41:31

thanks display - didn't want to pester him but at this stage the poor dog sounds hoarse , also i could hear him growl as i hung out my washing earlier & his back garden is not secure as we have a low section of wall between our garden & theirs & the only thing that is stopping this dog from getting into my garden is a wheelie bin blocking his way hmm

waddlelikeaduck Mon 09-Nov-09 18:11:09

I was just thinking whilst reading this thread that perhaps you could introduce yourself to the neighbours and say you have noticed hmmthat they have a young dog (and if you and your kids were so inclined) wondered if one of the DCs could perhaps walk it after school (not sure how old your DCs are) for some extra pocket money grin as you've also noticed it doesn't seem happy alone... it may be a way of your DCs having an honory pet without the expense and mess of getting one yourself...

If you aren't animal lovers and this doesn't appeal I would def phone the landlord...

GypsyMoth Mon 09-Nov-09 18:14:56

Have had this prob with my neighbour

You need to keep a diary as evidence. I have had env health listening equip at council in. Dog warden can also help. They will give advice to owners on how to stop this.

biggirlsdontcry Mon 09-Nov-09 18:18:44

grin waddle very good idea , ds is 10yrs & would love a dog as our dog died three years ago , unfortunately its almost dark by the time ds gets in from school so i wouldn't like him out in the dark atm , but maybe in the spring . wink
they are still not home grrrrrrrrr . dog has gone quiet hmm probably passed out from exhaustion .

biggirlsdontcry Mon 09-Nov-09 18:23:32

thanks ilove yes i was thinking of phoning the RSPCA or env health . i just think its very selfish of people to get dogs just to leave them alone all day . sad

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