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to think that we shouldn't encourage fads and 'brand' related gifts?

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EverythingsPink Mon 09-Nov-09 14:08:20

My niece was 7 earlier this year and when i asked for suggestions for gifts my sister said anything Hannah Montana or HSM would be great. Dutifully i got her HM stuff - as did everyone of her friends / family. With Christmas approaching i am expecting similar...

I have 2 problems with this:

1. From what i have seen of HSM it is very 'mature' for 7 yr olds isn't it? Or am i being old fashioned? Aren't we encouraging kids to grow up too quickly by entertaining them with love stories between 'teenagers' (that are probably in their 20's)?

2. Surely these toys, games, clothes, rollerskates etc. etc. are all going to be out of date in a year or so when the next craze comes around and end up on a tip somewhere.

Am i being unreasonable to want to buy her something that isn't fad related and that i think might stand the test of time and even be used by her younger sister too in the future?

Of course i could buy her something that isn't 'brand' related but then if 7yr olds only like HM and HSM should i just relax and go along with it?

Undercovamutha Mon 09-Nov-09 14:14:01

I agree with you to a point (and I have a big issue myself about the pink vs blue / boys vs girls branded presents), but I also think parents tend to generalise re. branded goods just to help people out with gift buying. For example, I wouldn't say that my DD only likes branded items, but if people ask what she wants for bday/xmas I might say 'anything Postman pat' or 'anything My Little Pony'. I never buy her these things myself, but know that they are fairly affordable and easily available (plus she DOES like them).

juuule Mon 09-Nov-09 14:16:21

You asked for suggestions so that is what your sister has given you. It's only a suggestion. No doubt your sister knows that your niece will enjoy anything HSM or HM so she knows that you can't go wrong with those things. It doesn't mean you have to buy those things if you think that your niece would enjoy something else as much or better.
It's just a suggestion in response to you asking.

Also they might or might not be out of fashion by next year but if they've had fun playing with them in the meantime then worth buying them.

I personally don't see any harm in a 7yo having these things.

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