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To be a little bit in love with Robbie Williams?

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Chickenshavenolips Mon 09-Nov-09 13:26:39

I know, I know, he can be a twat, but I can't help it. He's just been on 'Loose Women' and was utterly fabulous grin

shockers Mon 09-Nov-09 13:28:37

Each to their own... your infatuation leaves the decent blokes free for others wink

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 09-Nov-09 13:29:54

Bugger, missed him. YANBU in the slightest, but you'll have to get behind me in the queue for sexual favors with him. I was in the TT fan club first time round and I got a postcard from Germany from him so he'll obviously remember me from 18 years ago.

teameric Mon 09-Nov-09 13:30:01

YANBU I've been a bit in love with him since he was in take that, and yes he is a bit of a twat but quite adorable at the same time, like he needs someone to look after him grin

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 09-Nov-09 13:33:36

Yes, me. i've had a postcard from him so he's going to choose me over Ayda - and I can offer him a view of the Alps and a ready made family of one (DH will understand if I ask him to leave home)

teameric Mon 09-Nov-09 13:36:25

My DH knows I would leave him for the robster, (as well as Eric from trueblood, Dean from supernatural, Nathan from Kings Of Leon......) don't think he cares really grin

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 09-Nov-09 13:38:23

Me too. My DH and I have a deal. I could leave him for the Robster and he would leave me for Kylie. I luuuuuurrrrve him. Have been swooning for the whole of Loose Women.... om nom nom nom...

And yes, he is a bit of a twat but there is something about him that is just so great and loveable....

corblimeymadam Mon 09-Nov-09 13:38:28

Message withdrawn

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 09-Nov-09 13:40:00

Possibly the only other person apart from Bob (as he is known to his friends) I would leave dh for is alan Rickman. He is lush. DD thinks he is vile because he plays Severus Snape in HP. Although, in all seriousness, I wouldn't really want to be exposing my wobblage to anyone other than dh - at least not until I'd given them some anti emetic wink

Buda Mon 09-Nov-09 13:43:51

Me too. I thought he was fab.

But YABU. Sorry. There is no point in you being a little bit in love with him. He is mine. All mine. I even have a photo of me kissing him. Honestly. Will try and post it.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 09-Nov-09 13:46:43

But, Buda, your photograph doesn't beat my postcard (wherever it may be)

HerBoomWhizzBangitude Mon 09-Nov-09 13:47:06

Not only unreasonable, but utterly mystifying.

He looks like a shrivelled up Rumpelstiltskin.

Mcdreamy Mon 09-Nov-09 13:47:28

I know where he lives!!

GypsyMoth Mon 09-Nov-09 13:49:43

oh yes!!! webchat with Robbie would be grear fun!! come on hq....a xmas pressie for us all??

Chickenshavenolips Mon 09-Nov-09 13:51:29

Don't tell me, Mcdreamy! I might feel compelled to stalk him visit grin

Mcdreamy Mon 09-Nov-09 13:51:59


teameric Mon 09-Nov-09 13:52:28

I think he can get a bit Norman Wisdomish at times, here I still like him though. grin

Mcdreamy Mon 09-Nov-09 13:52:38

Apparently he is selling up and moving back to the USA so I won't know for much longer. sad

Buda Mon 09-Nov-09 13:54:22

Really Kreecher??? We'll see about that!

?_1117december2006 Here!

Buda Mon 09-Nov-09 13:54:58



Buda Mon 09-Nov-09 13:55:13

I give up!

Chickenshavenolips Mon 09-Nov-09 13:55:49

<taps fingers, waits to see Buda's photo>

Chickenshavenolips Mon 09-Nov-09 13:56:37

<practices her signature as 'Williams' to while away the time>

Portofino Mon 09-Nov-09 13:57:16

No - I love him too. When we got married we stayed in the Conrad at Chelsea Harbour and he came into the hotel! He had an apartment on the otherside of the harbour over which we had a great view.

I knew I had forgotten to pack something! Wedding dress - check. Expensive shoes - check. Binoculars - darn! grin

MamaLazarou Mon 09-Nov-09 14:08:03

YABU. The man has no lips.

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