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In wanting there to be more girly lego

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ijustwanttoaskaquestion Mon 09-Nov-09 11:29:55

Ok so i hate all the girly pink shite thats about just now - but i would really like to buy my some more lego for xmas, she has the basic set and we love playing with it, but it would be nice if there was like, a farm set or school set etc - its all fireengines and raiders of the lost fecking arc, or starwars I DD wants to make more girlified things. Please - oh, but not too much pink please as DD hates pink.

traceybath Mon 09-Nov-09 11:31:49

lego farm

fernie3 Mon 09-Nov-09 11:32:19

There are a few girly ones like stables etc
but they look a bit rubbish compared to the other more boyish sets!

ilove Mon 09-Nov-09 11:32:47

There's loads...see here

fernie3 Mon 09-Nov-09 11:33:29

oh I love the farm - I want it to play with now! (I loved lego when I was little)

ilove Mon 09-Nov-09 11:34:01

southeastastra Mon 09-Nov-09 11:34:39

gah why does it have to be pink?

MavisEnderby Mon 09-Nov-09 11:36:01

Lego is fab.the fact it is so non gender specific is part of its joy to me.It is all about creating stuff that is the joy.

dd loves the aeroplanes and vehicles,she has sn so is somewhat uncbound by gender specifities,but still gets joy in trying to fit it together.


Chickenshavenolips Mon 09-Nov-09 11:37:38

Lego is brilliant. There are loads of creator sets, or technic, which aren't 'themed'. I've always thought that Lego was non gender specific.

ijustwanttoaskaquestion Mon 09-Nov-09 11:47:46

oh oh oh, i NEED the horse set and i need it NOW!!!! Thats on our xmas list for sure - but yeah, why so fecking pink!

ijustwanttoaskaquestion Mon 09-Nov-09 11:48:34

lmao - just looked through lego website with DD, she wants the castle and pirate set! That told me then!

OrmIrian Mon 09-Nov-09 11:51:23

Oh the pirate stuff is great!

ilove Mon 09-Nov-09 12:01:13

purpleduck Mon 09-Nov-09 12:01:26

Did you see the Lego Town stuff?

I want the Toy Shop - would make a fab Christmas display

purpleduck Mon 09-Nov-09 12:02:13

BTW, do you gte the Lego magazine? I thought it had loads of cool stuff in

ilove Mon 09-Nov-09 12:02:39

lucykate Mon 09-Nov-09 12:04:03

dd has asked for the spongebob lego for christmas!

GrendelsMum Mon 09-Nov-09 12:05:32

we loved the castle and the medieval knights and horses when we were little

bruffin Mon 09-Nov-09 12:07:54

I have had the same problem for DD 12. The Belville stuff is horrible. The only themed lego she liked was Harry Potter which they stopped making. In the last few years things have improved as they now have started doing houses again and she wouldn't mind the medieval village or the winter shop.

The themed lego that appeals to her are the really expensive sets like the hotel or carousel

ImSoNotTelling Mon 09-Nov-09 12:12:49

ROFL @ it actually being the OP who was after girly stuff, not her DD grin

ijustwanttoaskaquestion Mon 09-Nov-09 15:55:43

ive been on the lego site on and off all day, interspersed with playing with DD and her lego (shes on a sickie day) - its like lego porn i tell ya - taj majal and eiffle tower - oh and the grocers shop, i'm overwhelmed.

ijustwanttoaskaquestion Mon 09-Nov-09 15:57:22

ive not seen the carousel - DD did look at the bellvile (sp) dolls house and liked it, so i think nanny going to buy that (lucky girl!) for xmas. I bet the carousel is mega money though.

GoldenSnitch Mon 09-Nov-09 15:59:11

Have a look for Lego Clickits too. Lots of handbags and bracelets to make.

There's lots to choose from - bits like this

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 09-Nov-09 16:05:23

The carousel looks too complex for children though - it says age 16+. I guess there are a lot of adults who like to play with lego.
I have ordered DD3 the Winter Toy Shop for Christmas -I- she will have great fun with that.

StrikeUpTheBand Mon 09-Nov-09 16:08:40

I remember being a child and having a lego set (bit like playmobil) but called Fabuland (?) which had the sort of sets you describe, and little characters which had human bodies but animal heads!

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