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People smoking on the school ground

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gorionine Mon 09-Nov-09 09:41:29

I was shock this morning at the amount of people smoking on the school ground! Pretty much everybody: parents ,children and even a couple of dogs!

Smoke comming out of everyone's mouth!

AIBU to think it is far too cold for such a nice and bright day?

shockers Mon 09-Nov-09 09:43:12

It's dreadful... even our bunny was at it this morning.

ShinyAndNew Mon 09-Nov-09 09:43:13



But I have my shiny new snow boots and quilted coat, so I don't care. [sticks tongue out emoticon]

ijustwanttoaskaquestion Mon 09-Nov-09 09:43:24


gorionine Mon 09-Nov-09 09:54:42

I thought I 'd be counting the biscuit by now![starving emoticon]

ShinyAndNew, Have you got snow already or are you just getting ready ?

ShinyAndNew Mon 09-Nov-09 10:00:33

We usually get it in January. Probably not bad enough to warrant snow boots, but I hate the cold. They keep my feet all warm dry. We might not get loads of snow, but wet heaps of sleet and rain.

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