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T sob uncrontrollably during the march past of the veterans?

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corblimeymadam Sun 08-Nov-09 11:23:31

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam Sun 08-Nov-09 11:23:59

Message withdrawn

Malificence Sun 08-Nov-09 11:27:13

I do it every year.

My hubby goes to the parade in our village ( it's the only chance he gets to wear his medals) but I like to watch the London parade, it's very moving.

<sob> another one sobbing today at Remembrance Day service. I was glad I had my sunglasses on.

Remembering all those affected by war. sad

Sadly Belgian, we all turn into our mothers eventually. grin

wildfig Sun 08-Nov-09 11:34:17

YANBU. I only have to see a Spitfire to be in floods.

Malificence Sun 08-Nov-09 11:38:30

Wildfig, I can see a spitfire every day, R.J. Mitchell was from my home town and there's a spitfire in our museum.
We always get the battle of Britain flight overhead when they go to airshows, now that does give goosebumps! Nothing else on earth sounds like a spitfire.

herbietea Sun 08-Nov-09 11:40:08

Message withdrawn

Shoshe Sun 08-Nov-09 11:46:49

Watching last night, I was in floods when the widows walked down the steps, they were all so young sad

borderslass Sun 08-Nov-09 11:53:12

I usually watch but had to turn it off today its the amount of young war widows and orphans that get to me it shouldn't be happening,my nephews friend from when he was serving in the para's lost a leg out in Iraq.

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