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to believe most MN would rather admit to necrophilia than smacking their DCs whatever the reality might be

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babybarrister Sat 07-Nov-09 22:10:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Georgimama Sat 07-Nov-09 22:11:51

I agree. I regularly dig up dead bodies and shag them.

Smacking children is just sick.

GhoulsAreLoud Sat 07-Nov-09 22:12:36

Lots of people don't smack.


Why would you assume people are lying?

nattiecake Sat 07-Nov-09 22:14:26

quite possibly because of the witch-hunt on the other threads?

i dont have children yet, so clearly dont smack them, but i was smacked as a child and im perfectly healthy

SugarSkyHigh Sat 07-Nov-09 22:15:01

I smack occasionally - yr not the only one

Hulababy Sat 07-Nov-09 22:15:24

Why do you assume people are being hypocritical?

I can honestly say that I have never, not even once, smacked, tapped, slapped or hit my 7y DD at all. Neither has my DH, nor any other person who has beein in charge of my DD.

It is simply not the way we parent and not a form of discipline that we wish to use.

I don't think this is unusual.

babybarrister Sat 07-Nov-09 22:16:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GhoulsAreLoud Sat 07-Nov-09 22:16:59

I doubt that the people who smack click on a smacking thread and then come on to claim they don't do it hmm

More likely that the people who feel very strongly about not smacking feel compelled to go onto those threads and say so.

FairyMum Sat 07-Nov-09 22:17:26

The idea of smacking anyone is completely foreign to me. As foreign as having sex with dead body if I am honest.

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 07-Nov-09 22:17:28

I smack occasionally too.

Although have found a (probably short lived) threat for DS3.........tell him the big lion is hiding behind the sofa and is going to come out if he doesn't behave. The little lion that sits on the rug is nice and friendly (according to DS3 grin) but he doesn't like the big lion.

(he's into playing "lions" at the moment, I'm suprised he hasn't given himself a sore throat from all the roaring he does LOL).

ABitHalloweenBatty Sat 07-Nov-09 22:17:37

I'd rather shag a dead body than smack any of my DS's. I just can't see the justification of smacking children. Ever.

GhoulsAreLoud Sat 07-Nov-09 22:17:48

I bet the breastfeeding threads are full of people who really bottle feed as well...

MadameDefarge Sat 07-Nov-09 22:18:28

A thread about another thread.

I clearly admitted hitting my ds. And said I was heartily ashamed of it. because it was nothing to do with a constructive system of discipline, just me losing the plot.

If you use violence as part of a system of discipline I suggest you read some Alice Miller on the subject.

And good if people are too ashamed to admit they do it, because they should be.

FairyMum Sat 07-Nov-09 22:18:45

There are lots of people on MN who smack their children BTW. Not sure which threads you have been on.

GhoulsAreLoud Sat 07-Nov-09 22:18:48

And the SAHM's, they're not really SAHM's at all.

You're really on to something...

Hulababy Sat 07-Nov-09 22:18:50

IME on MN, babybarrister, several posters have admitted smacking - either rarely, as a one off, or more frequently.

babybarrister Sat 07-Nov-09 22:19:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigchris Sat 07-Nov-09 22:19:32

loads of people on here have admitted to smacking their children

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sat 07-Nov-09 22:20:23

I have never smacked my children and I think I can safely say I never will. This hypocrisy thing comes up regularly and I have to say it really fecks me off.
Is it so hard to believe that many of us practise what we preach?
Have never shagged a dead body either, just in case you were wondering.

AnnieLobeseder Sat 07-Nov-09 22:20:51

I have smacked DD1 when she was doing something that endangered her life, like throwing a tantrum in the middle of a busy road because she wanted to jump in a puddle instead of crossing safely. It's my to show differentiate between disciplining them because they're acting up or disciplining them because they will possibly actually die as a result of not doing as they're told.

And I will also admit to occasional minor smacks when all else has failed and I've lost the plot, but I'm heartily ashamed of those ones.

No problem admitting it though.

Do you smack as a matter of course babybarrister, or as a last resort/in dangerous situations? Because I can't see how smacking as a day-to-day way to teach children to behave can be helpful, but imo it has it's place.

MadameDefarge Sat 07-Nov-09 22:20:59

Oh, fantastic idea, threaten your child with an imaginary wild beast...

defeats the object surely? they will eventually work out you are lying and in the mean time you have terrorised them.

Job well done. Not.

babybarrister Sat 07-Nov-09 22:21:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Sat 07-Nov-09 22:23:03

But why would someone ever recommend smacking as a good form of discipline? Even people who do smack their own children are unlikely to recommend it as the best form of discipline for a child, surely?

MadameDefarge Sat 07-Nov-09 22:23:24

I'm all for a bit of self-censorship if it means to know that violence against children is actually unacceptable.

Sure, we have all lost it from time to time; loss of self-control, extreme situations like child running in road, but that is not the same as a sustained habit of slapping and abuse.

rasputin Sat 07-Nov-09 22:24:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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