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In having a bit of a thing for the bloke with the afro from X factor?

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MavisEnderby Fri 06-Nov-09 20:22:34

Ok I know it is crap telly but mmmmm,the man is quite lush.

rimmer08 Fri 06-Nov-09 20:23:12

i second that

PuppyMonkey Fri 06-Nov-09 20:24:55

YABU. Bit of a tosser imho. grin

Adair Fri 06-Nov-09 20:26:41

Am with PuppyMonkey.

Fake, fake, fake. He'll be slagging off the X Factor next year/as soon as he's voted off...

LOVE Danyl though grin

fruitshootsandheaves Fri 06-Nov-09 20:26:55

This is the first time I've stopped watching it. Because of Twit and Twat it is no longer a 'talent' contest more of a 'lets see if we can make the crappiest act win'.
However before I got all serious and judgey, He was my favourite grin

PoppyIsApain Fri 06-Nov-09 20:27:16

I think he is gorgeous too

TigerLightsitandscarpers Fri 06-Nov-09 20:28:46

He is rather nice, but all that hair could be a bit much. Like his hairy chest though, no poncey waxing there. However, I did agree with Louis and "you're just karaoke". Maybe he could just mime for me?

Amapoleon Fri 06-Nov-09 20:31:30

My 8 year old dd had a little crush on him. She keeps talking about his hair.

flabbyapronbelly Fri 06-Nov-09 20:43:57

y are def bu.
He is 10 years too old to get away with what he wears imvho

TigerLightsitandscarpers Fri 06-Nov-09 20:46:26

He also has that tail thing, doesn't he. Risk of an Isadora Duncan moment. I rather like the idea of the trailing scarf though, although where we live it would be a muddy trailing scarf fairly quickly.

MavisEnderby Fri 06-Nov-09 20:47:05

Ah but it is his stage gear fab,I am sure he doesn't dress like that day to day,well I hope not.

At least he does have some charisma and can sing unlike those twins!

MrsToffeeCrisp Fri 06-Nov-09 21:23:03

YANBU - there's something very sexy about him,

Mind you Olly was fantastic last week - have started thinking of him in a different light too.

flabbyapronbelly Fri 06-Nov-09 21:23:19

True he can sing and has charisma, def more so than the twins, but that doesn't take much really.

Goober Fri 06-Nov-09 21:28:24

And very wrong.
Go wash your eyeballs.

MavisEnderby Fri 06-Nov-09 21:31:53


I love mn.You are all very funny ladies.

vanimal Fri 06-Nov-09 21:34:43

Jamie the afro man???


Wee little Joe (the Geordie) is just soo beautiful...

Aranea Fri 06-Nov-09 21:35:18

Euwwwww. I have been trying to figure out for weeks what it is about him which repulses me so much. I haven't quite nailed it, but I think there's something about the combination of rather bulbous fleshy features and body hair.... uck.

I started off thinking he was one of the most talented, but Louis has done for him in my eyes with that 'Karaoke Kravitz' comment. It was spot on.

I like Danyl though...

hellsbelles Fri 06-Nov-09 21:35:24

olly has very impressive thighs grin

MavisEnderby Fri 06-Nov-09 21:39:37

Vanimal-too beautiful,exactly.

Him or the girl who they all love can't remember her name,thin face has a little baby.

He is poptastic x factor material.But he is BLAND.

MavisEnderby Fri 06-Nov-09 21:41:00

will win.Forgot that bit of post.

As am an over 25 who likes rock will continue in admiration of afro bloke.

WobblyWench Fri 06-Nov-09 21:52:24

(throws a sack over mavis's head, kidnaps and throws her in cellar till it's all over). Tut tut.

halfcut Fri 06-Nov-09 21:56:31

yabu the only x factor bloke ever worth lusting over

hatesponge Fri 06-Nov-09 22:05:53

YANBU, I think hes quite sexy.

However I am developing a serious thing for Olly, who is just lovely. And he has a hairy chest (as demonstrated by the shirt-ripping incident last week) which does it for me every time grin

MrsToffeeCrisp Fri 06-Nov-09 22:07:32

halfcut you are so right!

I take back my earlier post. Shane Ward was soo much sexier. What happened to him?

McSnail Sat 07-Nov-09 06:55:12

Jamie Afro is a minger. His lumpy face looks clumsily hewn, and I remember thinking at the final auditions (at the judges' houses) 'I bet he'd offer to suck Simon's cock to be put through..'

They're aaaallll mingers on that show. Oh, and does anyone else think Stacey looks and sounds like Blakey from 'On the Buses'?

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