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to put DD to bed at 5.30pm?

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MavisEnderby Fri 06-Nov-09 17:44:50

She was terrified of the fireworks last night(hypersensitive to some noises due to SN) and we couldn't get her to sleep til 9PM (usual bedtime 6.30-7)consequently she has been shattered today.

I am expecting a wake up call at 5.30 am.

rubyslippers Fri 06-Nov-09 17:46:49

ds was the same - he has crashed out about 15 mins ago

madamearcati Fri 06-Nov-09 17:48:00

Poor lamb YANBU at all. Just hope she isn't raring to go at 5am though !

Jeroboam Fri 06-Nov-09 17:51:45

Just make sure you are in bed by 8 and when she wakes up early you'll be fresh as a daisy!

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