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To think that when you order online from large companies, you shouldn’t have to sort out any problems with the order through a store

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fragola Fri 06-Nov-09 13:34:55

Recently I bought a potty chair from Boots online as a gift. When it arrived in a large box with lots of other things I’d ordered, it wasn’t boxed or labelled, so I emailed Boots to ask if this is usual, as I would have thought it would have come with at least some information or something. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have been bothered, but as it was a gift, I wanted to make sure it usually comes like this (didn’t want my friend to think I was giving her a used pressie!)

A lady from customer services phoned me just as I had literally stepped through the door, screaming baby in arms. She said that it did seem odd, and that I should phone around the big stores in my town and ask if they stock the product and if it has packaging, and if it does, I could then go in and ask if they’d exchange it for me.

Am I being unreasonable to think that customer services, rather than customers should do the phoning round? Also, the reason why I shop online is because we don’t have a car, so it would be difficult for me to get to a big store to get an exchange. As I had ds to sort out, I just said “okay” and left it at that. I’m going to keep the potty and find a different gift for friend.

Similarly, last year I bought a pushchair from Mothercare online. When I was assembling it, I found that one of the parts that was mentioned in the manual was missing. I emailed Mothercare to ask about the missing part and if they could send one on.

I got an email back saying that if I wanted to buy spare parts for my purchase, I should telephone my local store who would be able to advise me on price and availability. My email was very clear that there was a part missing, not that I wanted to but spares, so I don’t know if they use an automated reply service or they’re just very rubbish.

So anyway, is this usual for big companies to expect you to sort out problems with online orders through a local store? And am I being unreasonable in thinking that it’s not on!

PyrotechnicToadstool Fri 06-Nov-09 13:38:38

We-ell. Not sure I would expect packaging with a potty chair - the two I have came just as they are anyway. But they should have been able to tell you that if it was the case. Mothercare sound like knobs, but I am not surprised.

AmazingBouncingFerret Fri 06-Nov-09 13:39:56

Yup it is unfortunatly very common. We at the stores hate it because we have to sort out a mess that customer services should sort and we didnt even receive the profit at our store!
Best thing to do if there is any problem is to phone and speak to somebody then you can be sure you are not getting some automated response and you can also put your foot down about doing their legwork!

ginormoboobs Fri 06-Nov-09 13:49:12

YANBU to expect it.
I had the same problem with a Bugaboo bee from Mothercare. I had to take it to the store so they could check the fault then spend an hour standing there while they sorted it out. We had to go back a week later with the buggy and swap it for a new one. WTF We ordered online so we wouldn't have to go to the shop.
You are right. If you haven't bought from the store then you shouldn't have to go to the store. Why should you call around the local stores.

JustAnotherManicMummy Fri 06-Nov-09 14:10:42

YADNBU. You need to stand up to these people as they try to get away with the bare minimum because it's just easier for them.

For example, I got a letter from Halifax asking me to provide ID for my baby's account opening. Which I had already done at their branch - had photocopied etc.

I rang the number on the letter and they told me I should go to the branch to sort it out as it was the branch's fault because they hadn't sent it in the correct department at Halifax.

I politely pointed out that I had no confidence in the branch being able to sort it out as they hadn't been able to in the first place.

The conversation then went something like this:

"Sorry madam, you need to go to the branch"

"Actually, no I don't. You work for Halifax, this is Halifax's problem, Halifax's fault and I've done my bit. Why don't you ring the branch and you sort it out? Alternatively I could make an official complaint. What would you like to do?"

"<huffily> Well, I suppose I could ring the branch"

"Thank you so much. That's very helpful. Goodbye!"

Was sorted same day. Don't take any shit grin

busybutterfly Sat 07-Nov-09 13:37:29

Lol at Justanother - a mum after my own heart!

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