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to feel so angry

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ilovemy2babies Thu 05-Nov-09 19:25:40

ahhhh i feel so angry, ive let everything build up inside me and now ive got too much anger in my body i cant cope

im sick of people taking advantage of me and people treating me like s**t. I go to work and try and help people to make their jobs a bit easier and then they expect me to do everything for them and speak to me like im nothing.

i hate people treating me like this it makes my blood boil. They make me feel like a failure at my job.

Why do people always treat me like im nothing and dont have any feelings, first my dad and now the people who i work with

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 19:26:44

who does this at work? You need to deal with it - no, yanbu to not want to be treated like this

posieparker Thu 05-Nov-09 19:30:16

Right, now whilst the human condition of taking advantage of people is widespread and horrid, there are those that allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Now OP, you cannot change the behaviour of people around you but you can change yours. Perhaps you give too much, too many smiles, too many okays etc. Next time you help someone show them once and then leave them to get on with it. And when they don't speak to you nicely remember not to help again.

You are not a failure, as far as I'm awaresmile, and others cannot make you feel that way, only you.

ilovemy2babies Thu 05-Nov-09 19:44:12

Its just little things like im in charge of ordering things and all i do is get hassle off people if the order is late, or if the wrong things are sent in - none of which is my fault. I get no help off them just moaned at

posieparker Fri 06-Nov-09 12:25:46

Could you cc everyone when you make an order? Email people about things that haven't arrived on time?

Is it part of your job to order stuff? If not, don't do it.

nickelbang Fri 06-Nov-09 12:27:47

ilovemy2babies: you sound exactly the same as i did when i was last employed.

hopefully, you'll be able to sort something soon.
please speak to your manager and explain what the problem is, they have to try and help.

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