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to think that cosmic ordering

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MitchyInge Thu 05-Nov-09 14:46:38

. . . works amazingly well?

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 05-Nov-09 14:48:14

what have you been doing exactly?

MitchyInge Thu 05-Nov-09 14:50:23

ordering stuff (writing it down) and then watching it roll in

TheCrackFox Thu 05-Nov-09 14:51:15

What did you order?

fairycake123 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:52:43

Oh my God - does it actually work??!

Wilts Thu 05-Nov-09 14:52:49

Two of my friends really rate cosmic ordering, I am not so sure myself though

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Nov-09 14:53:44

please explain more, it sounds interesting

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 05-Nov-09 14:54:27

did you order me a nasty cold?

MitchyInge Thu 05-Nov-09 14:59:48

can only order stuff for Self!

some of them are silly little things - like specific books, dvds that mysteriously wing their way to me via friends

others a bit more useful, I asked for a lottery win and 'unexpected cheques in the post' and got over £1600 that way last month (one big cheque was a totally unexpected gift from someone) and just to have more money generally and I seem to have been really flush lately

andgodcreatedwoman Thu 05-Nov-09 15:01:28


Explain please, I need loads of stuff.

I take it I need to do more than write a shopping list and hope?

ellipsis Thu 05-Nov-09 15:04:51

YABU grin I'm happy that good things are happening to you, but you know you sound crazy don't you?

OrmIrian Thu 05-Nov-09 15:06:33

Ooh yes it works! But I tend to order from Amazon rather than the cosmos.

mychildrenarebarmy Thu 05-Nov-09 15:07:07

Not at all. I was a bit hmm to my shame without actually finding out anything about it. Then I discovered that one of my cousins is very into it so thought I'd find out about it. Have given it a go and you are right. It does work well. I haven't been brave enough to try anything that isn't small yet but I have some things in mind to give it a go on.

MitchyInge Thu 05-Nov-09 15:07:18

I suppose you have to act on opportunities, perhaps take risks - mainly I just write it all down and start to feel excited about how and when it will appear

the friend who sent me a massive cheque (she posts on here blush) said she felt 'compelled' to give me the money, as if God was telling her to give me the money (I didn't ever ask her for it)

Merrylegs Thu 05-Nov-09 15:09:07

I know exactly how it works. And if you send me £50 I will let you download my ebook that tells you just how to do it...


OrmIrian Thu 05-Nov-09 15:10:04

I admit to giving it a go last year when I felt really down. A friend was trying to convince me it was what I needed. I sort of tried it in a 'can't do any harm' sort of way and DH got a new job so I suppose you might say it worked.

But I think it is down to positive thinking and taking your chances when they come up.

Iklboo Thu 05-Nov-09 15:11:39

Can you do it online?

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 15:12:35

a tiger?

GrimmaTheNome Thu 05-Nov-09 15:13:02


(whispers... has anyone told her Santa isn't real?) grin

MitchyInge Thu 05-Nov-09 15:14:07

it might all just be positive thinking, but does that matter? results are same

it is more exciting to think there are magic powers involved though

andgodcreatedwoman Thu 05-Nov-09 15:14:08

I just googled it and I've placed two orders.

I'm VERY excited now!

I am expecting great things as most of the other advice I have listened to on here has worked so this will too.

sarah293 Thu 05-Nov-09 15:17:11

Message withdrawn

LetThereBeRock Thu 05-Nov-09 15:18:43

What on earth is cosmic ordering? It sounds suspiciously 'woo like'.

sherby Thu 05-Nov-09 15:21:11

Isn't Noel Edmunds v into it

He reckons thats how he got his deal or no deal gig

LetThereBeRock Thu 05-Nov-09 15:23:33

Just Googled it. Complete and utter woo then I see.

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