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AIBU To not want DH to eat Digestives?

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Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:46:31


MitchyInge Thu 05-Nov-09 14:47:33

is the bed full of crumbs?

Saltire Thu 05-Nov-09 14:47:54

YABVU (IMO anyway) Digestive with cheese are great

depends why, but as it stand yes you are, he clearly likes biscuit

TheCrackFox Thu 05-Nov-09 14:50:26


Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:50:53

OMG I'm sooooo sorry

It was DH that started this and I've not even mentioned digestives to him hmm

Sorry he is winding you lot up grin

LuluSkipToMyLou Thu 05-Nov-09 14:51:34

He's crackers biscuit

MintyCane Thu 05-Nov-09 14:53:18

snort biscuit

Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:54:06

At least it was something mild!

I though if he ever got loose on here it would be alot worse!

Fandango Thu 05-Nov-09 14:54:36

YABU - he should be eating the choccy ones. Far tastier.

nickytwotimes Thu 05-Nov-09 14:55:55

At least it's not oatcakes....

busybutterfly Thu 05-Nov-09 18:29:33

OMG this thread calls out for a biscuit

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-Nov-09 18:32:05

Ooh Saltire - yes! Fandabidosi! (or however you spell that)


AliGrylls Thu 05-Nov-09 18:33:03

Is he fat?

Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 18:36:31

No, hes not fat

TrillianAstra Thu 05-Nov-09 18:36:35

Why does he think you don't want him eatng them?

Hello Mr Disenchanted

Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 18:38:34

He doesn't think I don't want him to.

He eats loads of biscuits. Too many probably.

Maybe he typed this subconciously?

I think he just happened to be eating one ewhen ge decided to take the pee out of 'AIBU

gingernutlover Thu 05-Nov-09 18:38:41

looks to me like the bananas would be in greater danger than the digestives. Lock up the fruit bowl!

Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 18:39:32

Tragic accident at Knowsley Safari Park, hes very sensitive about it.

gingernutlover Thu 05-Nov-09 18:42:26


after i typed that i had to go back to check it was actually a mask, breathed a sigh of relief i can tell you grin

Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 19:08:22


meltedchocolate Thu 05-Nov-09 19:32:29

Me thinks you posted his pic so everyone would be jealous of your man.

(Not that i would blame you )


Disenchanted3 Thu 05-Nov-09 20:08:02

he may be hideous under the mask though

(he ism't)

PixiNanny Thu 05-Nov-09 23:51:31

YANBU, digestives are only good for one thing: cheese!

Also, YABU for not sharing him grin blush

pooexplosions Fri 06-Nov-09 11:01:10

YABU, he should be eatin only bigmacs! grin

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