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to have such strong negative feelings towards a buggy!

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mrsjuan Thu 05-Nov-09 13:21:03

I know I probably am, but hear me out.

DD is my parents' first grandchild and as soon as I told them I was pregnant they were desperate to buy 'the pram'.

I spent literally days hours researching different models, all the advantages and disadvantages etc. and eventually chose a rather expensive (although not the most expensive) travel system with a lovely lie flat separate carrycot because I wanted a 'proper pram'.

When DD arrived she decided she didn't want a 'proper pram'. She hated lying flat & being apart from me so apart from rare journeys when she was in a good mood I carried her around in a wrap which we both loved/still love and meant we could go pretty much anywhere.

Now she is 6 months I thought I'd try her in the pushchair attachment. It is a slight improvement but it just seems like such a big piece of kit to push her around in, and despite the fact that I bought it for it's semi off road credentials, it is so much more limiting with regards to decent walks (we've got a dog) than the sling.

(Well done if you've got this far!)

Anyway - here is the crunch. I don't like this buggy. I don't think I need it. It's a pain in the arse and every time I look at it/trip over it in the hall I feel like I've made a terrible decision and made my parents waste a lot of money.

I wouldn't mind if I had payed for it - I'd ebay it and put it down to experience but my parents really wanted to get something nice for us and I think they would be upset if I sold it (obviously I'd offer to pay them back).

I know it's a trivial thing to get worked up about but I feel like this buggy signifies everything that I got wrong about babies!

doingthelambethwalk Thu 05-Nov-09 13:26:11

You are not being unreasonable but you are being quite hard on yourself! We were a bit "all the gear, no idea" with DS but have to say some things that were no good for him are very popular with DD e.g. a beanbag thingy. DS was happy lying in a pram but DD is all about being carried. So you never know, keep it for the next one.

porcamiseria Thu 05-Nov-09 13:28:00

I have seen many many many people do the same! My mum got me the kit, and like you I used my baby-carrier, and now I use a very unglam maclarans type buggy, most people have this issue and you are not alone! The Quinny Zapp we got is probably the heaviest pram ever know to man ()but I looked good..)
One couple I know are on their 3rd set, and my friend ended buying about 3.....

Ninks Thu 05-Nov-09 13:30:34

YANBU, you wouldn't walk round all day every day in impractical shoes that you hated would you?

I didn't get my first or second pushchair right with both DC despite research and my ones also hated lying flat. DS hates them all full-stop and just slumps awkwardly in them.

I hope you're not seriously feeling that you got lots of things wrong about babies, I know I couldn't learn from previous "mistakes" when my second came along because they're all so different.

bubblagirl Thu 05-Nov-09 13:31:21

i too was the same and found a normal mamas and papas reclining stroller to be the best buy and my maclaren buggy

could you if your parents baby sit let them have the buggy for when they look after dd or just get an extra stroller and say nothing its not a choice you have got wrong i understand why you feel upset is there anyone else in the family having a baby you could pass it on to them maybe or even discuss it with parents and say you feel really bad but dd will not settle in the buggy and your opting to get a smaller one would they mind if you sold it on and bought her something else a walker toy etc play system im sure they would be perfectly fine

Firawla Thu 05-Nov-09 13:33:04

you dont have to tell your parents how much you hate the pushchair, but now that she is 6 months you can change it into a lighterweight normal buggy cos its quite common for people to do this around that age, like you said its a big peice of kit to have when you don't need the lying flat function anymore so you don't need such a bulky one. are you sure they would really mind if you sell it?

sodit Thu 05-Nov-09 13:36:36

i had the same thing, when ds2 was about 6 months I gave it back to them saying it was for my brother when he has children. They were very grateful that i had thought of him and paid for the stroller!!! grin bonus.

Flightattendant Thu 05-Nov-09 13:41:06

i need to know what pram it is before I can vote here grin

Fwiw I hated the one I got for ds1, felt terrible for having wasted a lot of money, guilty that it was so posh etc and tried to sell it through the paper about 3 times before getting my ehad around it and using it.

I never looked back, it was fantastic and I was really glad nobody had bought it.

Mind you ds1 was a buggy addict and didn't want to walk anywhere until he was about 5! Your dd sounds different/

Buggy must be symbolic for you, maybe it is something to do with your parents having got it, are you angry about something like their interfering, or something related?

I tendto get this upset about a present when I have issues with the person who gave it me iyswim.

Bathsheba Thu 05-Nov-09 13:45:56

I HATED my first high chair. It might have been the best one in the word but I HATED it - my BIL and SIL appeared the day I got home from the hospital with it, treated me, my DH and my brand new DD1 like muck, sat and watched the TV and then left.....I loathed that high chair because the way it was given really upset me.

I know tis a different situation btu I can comepletely understand the irrational hatred of inanimate baby equipment.

mrsjuan Thu 05-Nov-09 13:51:35

grin It's an icandy apple. It does have many good features - lovely to push, big comfy seat (which tiny dd looks ridiculous in btw), can swap from parent to forward facing etc. Perhaps I will come to like it eventually after all - you've given me a bit of hope wink

I'm definitely not angry with my parents for anything - it's more like I'm angry with myself but can't do anything about it!

I just wish I'd spent all the buggy research time doing something more worthwhile blush

I am prone to a guilty conscience at the best of times though so this is to be expected grin

Emprexia Thu 05-Nov-09 13:51:42


Most travel systems are only good for 6mo anyway.. and they NEVER work as just pushchairs.

Even my much used and well loved el-cheapo Graco Mirage Travel System sucks donkey balls as a pushchair.

Sell it and go buy an umbrella stroller like a Maclaren.. you will never look back!

::loves on my Maclaren Quest::

brandonsflower Thu 05-Nov-09 14:03:26

YANBU, you have to face the bleddy thing every day, so if you don't like it, it's hard to ignore!

FWIW I had the icandy and loved it until DS started getting heavier ( around 18 months )but it gets really hard to push with extra weight, so if you really dislike it, talk to your parents and sell now while it's still newish!
( I agree with UnexpectedWasabi about Maclarens! )

Flightattendant Thu 05-Nov-09 16:44:49

Oh gosh yes sell it now, unless you plan on another child of course but really, I have seen an Icandy after a lot of use and it was rusty!!! I was appalled at the way the frame corroded. Looked awful.
Of course if yours never gets wet and muddy it might do fine! But I think you would do well to flog it and get a maclaren tbh. smile I'm sure they won't mind and it'll make a fair bit on ebay!

curlychloe Thu 05-Nov-09 17:05:37

Hmm, would it be a Quinny per chance?!

I made the same mistake. Since the baby was 4 months he's been pushed around in a really old McLaren my sister passed.

The baby is now 13 months old and baby 2 is due in 5 months, so we're going to need a double buggy. Whenever I suggest a Phil and Teds to my partner he just groans 'not another designer buggy'....

We all make these mistakes. Sell it now and get the best price you can, the longer you leave it the less it'll be worth. Explain to your parents and ask them what they'd like to buy with the proceeds. I'm sure they'll understand.

susiey Thu 05-Nov-09 17:14:29

mosy people i know have issues with the first pram they bought I was a nanny before I had my kids so went straight for a maclaren and then got a smaller maclaren at 6 months.

it might be worth picking up a stroller and either selling it or hanging onto it if your thinking of having a nother child

the one thing that woould make me hang onto is the facr that can't you turn it into a double really easily?

EyeballsintheSky Thu 05-Nov-09 17:20:41

Aww I love my Apple (have never heard of it rusting, mine is in great nick for a 2yo pram) but I know what you mean. It is mahoosive but gorgeous as well

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