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To hate someones mbile phone interrupting the conversation

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millymo Thu 05-Nov-09 10:08:40

I think people and their mobile phones these days are a pain.
You can,t even go to someones house without their phone ringing and then having to sit there like a lost soul for them to finish.
Oh and people sitting opposite at you in the cafe whether it be a friend or a relative on the phone for ages.
I can be in the middle of a interesting conversation with someone and I find it quite off putting when they start rabiting on their phones instead.
Its the same at the school gates I can be talking to someone then all of a sudden I realise they are not talking to me any more when the conversation takes an unepxpected twist and I realise they are on their phone and not talking to me now.
ANyone else feel like this.
Anybody else get even mildly irritated by this.

thesecondcocking Thu 05-Nov-09 10:30:06

ha ha ha...
i am sure you are very interesting however maybe your friends beg to differ...!
(only joking)
if i am out my phone stays in my handbag as unless i am waiting for a call i want to concentrate on who i am with.
It's really really rude.
i very often answer and say 'i am busy can i call you back unless it's important?'
you know what i hate?
when you know what someones 'phone habit' is ie when you see them they answer the phone/return to texts in front of you/keep phone on table top incase they miss anything...
yet can take a week to reply to a text....
that utterly fucks me right off!

JTGPsmummy Fri 06-Nov-09 22:00:30

I hate this too!! I'm glad we have mobiles, they are great but we don't need to be glued to them 24 hours a day. If mine rings (if I hear it in my bag, which I usually don't) and I was with someone I would say that I was busy an dwould speak to them later as I really hate leaving a phone ringing (but that is just one of my 'things'). My sister comes over and we are talking and she is constantly on her phone texting. I look at facebook later and she has been updating her status while we are sat talking!!!!!!! Drives me mad!!

VengefulSinner Fri 06-Nov-09 22:08:57

Oh I hate that!

If my phone is the offending item I don't even answer it. I cancel the call and then stick it on silent. The only time I will answer is if it is someone close to me (e.g. mum) repeatedly calling and then I will excuse myself first.

YANBU - 'tis very rude.

Fibilou Fri 06-Nov-09 22:36:43

Prepare yourselves - I don't have a mobile. I hate them, they irritate me beyond all sense and rationality. My husband can't possibly leave his to ring, can't possibly manage to leave a new text for a moment to even negotiate a junction while driving (this drives me mad with rage)

I could just rant on for ages about my absolute loathing for the damned things but will stop now.

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