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AIBU to not take the girls to the fireworks tonight...

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Bathsheba Thu 05-Nov-09 03:06:09

Normally our girls (5 & 3) are taken to the local council run fireworks display on Fireworks night - its a big adventure, they get all wrapped up in severe winter gear and we go on the bus from the Park and Ride. However, this eyar I'm thinking of not taking them for the following reasons....AIBU

- DH is abroard with work so he isn;t here to help
- I'm 29 weeks pg
- I'm still recovering from being really ill and I'm only about 75% back to normal.
- The fireworks start at 7:30 and my girls are normally in bed by 7:15 on a school night.
- I have a friend up to stay, he had a really bad ankle break earlier in the year and is waiting on a 3rd op on it and standing around for an hour will cause him some problems even if he won't admit it.
- It has been raining horrifically hard here over the last week - floods and road closures and rail closures, the lot, (I'm in NE Scotland) and the ground is going to be incredibly wet and muddy.
- I'm up and writing this at 3am unable t sleep so I'm going to be shattered tonight...

I'd go if I could take the car, but its impossible to get anywhere near the area in the car because its so busy - if I could take the car, stand outside the car, then get back in the car and go home again, I'd go, but that simply wouldn't work - we'd not get anywhere near the area becuase of busy-ness and road closures and it would take us hours to get home because of busy-ness and road closures....

But the fireworks are really good, they like them and there is going to be a huge amount being set off in the streets tonight to keep them awake anyway....

TanteRose Thu 05-Nov-09 04:10:48

YANBU - I wouldn't go with all that you have described...its only one year. Have some yummy food and stay at

ParanoidAtAllTimes Thu 05-Nov-09 05:38:18

YANBU. I agree with TanteRose- there will be many fireworks displays in the future. Why not do something they really enjoy at home (dvd/take away, playing a favourite game etc)?

busybutterfly Thu 05-Nov-09 18:31:38

My word. Just one of your list would be enough to put me off going!
Hope you feel better soon smile

shockers Thu 05-Nov-09 18:35:04

It's going to rain anyway ! Watch em from the window with hot choc!

Morloth Thu 05-Nov-09 18:38:28

hmmmmm nice warm house or bus trip in the cold to stand in the mud with overtired kids probably grumpy about school the next day as a bonus?

Pop them into bed at normal time, make a nice cup of something and snuggle on the lounge under a blanket.

I am considering claiming the "I am pregnant and am not supposed to be around large groups" for ours tomorrow night.

lilysam Thu 05-Nov-09 18:42:51

You have so many reasons not to go - don;t think you need to justify it at all.

Its cold and miserable, they;re only young....look out the window! Thats what we do grin DD is none the wiser

Janos Thu 05-Nov-09 19:54:56

YANBU and in those circs you are a saint to even consider it.

Watch out the window and enjoy - that's what I did tonight with DS!

Mind you, I'm a big wuss who is scared of fireworks, so you may all laugh at me now

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