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to expect my pram to stay in tact whilst at the nursery

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NeedCoffee Wed 04-Nov-09 14:41:30

DD was at nursery yesterday, there is a pram park, all mums are meant to fold their pram up and put their childs name label on it, when I got there not one person had folded their pram, I left mine up as if I'd put it down it would have been more of a tripping hazard iyswim. I informed the manager and told her I hadn't been able to fold mine, she also knows that I had an op last week so said they'd go sort them out at some point.

Dp picked us up from the nursery last night and when I got home, I realised the back rest part of the pram has been snapped horizontally in half, I think it must be cardboard, it looks like someone has pressed really hard on it.

I called the nursery, and the practice manager said she'd actually put my pram to one side when sorting them out as she didn't want me to struggle, but when I did get it out before I went in for DD it had been put right to the back, not folded, but definately moved behind the fence that they have to serve the cut off from the rest of the cloackroom, so she said she'd look into it.

AIBU to be annoyed that another Mum(it seems) would do that to someones pram? whether accidently or deliberatly, surely they would have realised and at least mentioned it. If I'd have been getting on the bus with DD and put her in in a rush and not noticed, it could have been dangerous. As I'm sure I am probably liable for my own pram, does anyone know if these kind of things can be repaired? Its a Hauck Shopper if it makes any difference.

bigchris Wed 04-Nov-09 19:49:28



not sure if it can be repaired, hopefully someone else will know more

NeedCoffee Wed 04-Nov-09 23:10:14

Thanks for the reply BG.

I suppose I'll just have to try and get a replacement part from Hauck or see if I can get a cheap buggy, I think it annoys me more that I'm having to pay so much for the nursery to study and then folk out more money that I haven't got on a repair or replacement.

zipzap Thu 05-Nov-09 00:34:24

COuld always try asking the nursery for the money to repair it... even if they don't cough up, might make them a little more aware of the issues!

NeedCoffee Thu 05-Nov-09 09:19:36

yes well I thought of that Zip/zap, but the practice manager is quite scary and I'm reluctant to cause bad feeling, as I need to use them for another 2 years. Will definately mention I am annoyed about it though.

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