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to want the postal strike to end?

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kittycatty Wed 04-Nov-09 09:48:04

Six items i ordered have not been delivered even though some things should of been with me weeks ago.
The companies ive bought from said the strikes would not affect delivery and now when im trying to get this sorted the companies are sending forms out via royal mail for me to sign and send back via royal mail to say i have not receved them. Which means im not receving the forms or when i do the companies are not receving the completed form im sending back! hmm Its a nightmare!

jemart Wed 04-Nov-09 10:04:36

Sounds like you are being taken for a ride by this company. I have posted lots of stuff and it has all got where it going with only a day or two delay.

I'm told special delivery is unaffected by the strike - useful if you need to prove something has been recieved and guaranteed next day delivery.

kittycatty Thu 05-Nov-09 12:10:59

It does doesnt it hmm

Squishabelle Thu 05-Nov-09 12:31:00

Special Delivery is unfortunately affected by the strikes in that the next day delivery aspect is being suspended. They cannot guarantee to deliver next day (although they will try). The insurance aspect of special delivery is unaffected.

It is also possible that items posted some time ago could be affected (although 6 weeks does seem a bit long) because more recently posted items will be in the 'top of the pile' in the sorting offices and will get processed more quickly IYSWIM.

schiaparellipink Thu 05-Nov-09 22:30:53

sounds like whoever you ordered from is taking the piss. even with the strikes we have received all our mail, the only thing outstanding is some paperwork from Spain, which we are hoping will show up soon. shit companies always blame the bloody postmen.
anyway, the strikes are off now. so no bloody excuse for crappy service.

kittycatty Fri 06-Nov-09 20:17:49

feel like im banging my head against a brick wall at the moment.
order alot online and never had problems like this

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