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to be sad that a couple of my Facebook friends have deleted me for no good reason.

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pigletmania Wed 04-Nov-09 08:39:34

Aww the rejection sad grin

diddl Wed 04-Nov-09 08:41:06

YANBU to be sad, but maybe they feel that they dohave a good reason!

ItsAllaBitNoisy Wed 04-Nov-09 08:41:28

I deleted a few recently - you weren't my friend were you? grin

MadreInglese Wed 04-Nov-09 08:41:53

lol, it's the ultimate modern insult

MadreInglese Wed 04-Nov-09 08:43:26

are you a spammer?


I would delete you then wink

pigletmania Wed 04-Nov-09 08:43:39

i dont know Itsallabitnoisy, its not like we had any arguments or fights, mabey they were deleting people that they dont communicate much with anymore and scaling down their friends list

pigletmania Wed 04-Nov-09 08:45:00

no I hate those stupid requests that people send to you, i just go in there have a look at what everbody is doing, send a few messages to people and look at photos. Oooh that Farmville, Mobwars so annoying angry

ItsAllaBitNoisy Wed 04-Nov-09 08:58:14

You can hide Farmville and any other annoying ones.

thesecondcocking Wed 04-Nov-09 09:03:41

if you do bejewelled,farmsville,god damned mother fucking quizzes or post updates about your bleeding kids then i'd delete you too- here are some examples of my own bugbears..

'moomoo just cut a tooth so proud of my beautiful clever boy'
'hattie has a temp of 49.6 deg-had no sleep,need to have a shower and go to supermarket' (not really interesting is it?)
i quite like the pass agg ones-
'X wonders why SOME PEOPLE find it necessary to ruin OTHER PEOPLES day'
and text speak,sweet christ-any 'lols' or GR8 and i am sooooo unfriending!


wannaBe Wed 04-Nov-09 09:20:35

but were they real friends?

Or were they just names on a contact list in order to boost your perceived popularity. wink

Some of my facebook "friends" have over 600 friends. hmm

I only have 59 friends and I need to go on a deleting spree. But then will people get offended?

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 04-Nov-09 09:24:16

I have loads of MNetters as my 'friends' - some of whom I have no idea who they are, as they use RL or different names from the ones they use on MN.

Some I have got to 'know' a little, others just stay on my friends list - but I'll probably cull them at some point. Just don't want to offend anyone!

So unless it was a RL/close friend, I would doubt that the deletion has been a personal one.

posieparker Wed 04-Nov-09 09:24:30

I deleted some people, apparently, they sent me a hmm I had no idea....I hadn't done it.

pigletmania Wed 04-Nov-09 09:42:07

No i dont regularly post status updates at all cant sant those mundane ones. No they were not real friends, ones i used to know from school and have not see in about 17 years

ItsAllaBitNoisy Wed 04-Nov-09 22:59:30

Don't be sad. Facebook is a PITA.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 04-Nov-09 23:57:25

ive got FB, i havnt got a fucking clue who most of my friends are!

dont be offended. i bet i get culled soon too!

VengefulSinner Thu 05-Nov-09 00:20:55

I recently deleted over 100 'friends' that were all people I had known previously but have no contact with now.

I had the frame of mind, and still do, that Yes, I did know these people. But a long time ago and no contact with them now other than reading each other's status updates vis FB.

Therefore why would I want these people seeing pictures of DS, my current life and knowing what I am doing when they know nothing of me in RL per-se.

Think nothing of it and carry on as usual wink

ViveLeCliche Thu 05-Nov-09 00:39:21

Do you actually know specific people have disappeared or have you just noticed your friend total has dropped a few? I ask only because I have a few friends who sometimes disappear and reappear because they suspend their FB account for a few weeks and then reactivate it. So it might not be as personal as it seems...that's what I tell myself anyway...

DandyDazzler Thu 05-Nov-09 00:49:49

thesecondcocking - unfortunately I've seen all the type of status updates you mentioned.

I had one FB friend (now deleted) who managed to work both lols and passive aggressive digs into her status updates. She was special grin

Eve4Walle Thu 05-Nov-09 06:00:22

Someone dropped me last week. I was a bit surprised, but I didn't like her much anyway and she was always a PITA when I knew her at work years ago. She can fark right off! grin

EyeballsintheSky Thu 05-Nov-09 07:04:41

I have been deleted by someone I worked with until the summer and who I got on really well with. She hasn't deleted anyone else in the office.

I was also deleted a while back by my current job share and the person who did my maternity cover. Again, no probs that I knew of. I must be horrible

serenity Thu 05-Nov-09 07:40:40

My facebook figure goes up and down all the time (must be those suspended accounts) but I can never work out who it is that goes, which means it's probably a MN person (I have a few people I know are MNers as they're the only 'random' people I'd have, but I can't remember which MNer they are - and it probably works the other way too)

I reckon that if I can't figure out who's dropped me we can't actually be that close.

KatsMother Thu 05-Nov-09 08:17:26

Serenity, I tell myself that, but it still makes me sad when it happens. I'm FB friends with a few people I haven't seen since school and although I don't expect we'll ever be proper friends again, I'm reluctant to remove them because I wouldn't want to offend them; it's not that I actively dislike them.

Silly,isn't it? If we as adults can get funny about it, there's no wonder it stirs up all sorts of rubbish between children.

bellissima Thu 05-Nov-09 08:44:21

I'm on a just never use it, unless I get a message saying someone has sent me a message via it iyswim. Wouldn't notice if anyone deleted me (okay I'm just not branchee/cool whatever the mot du jour is - but anyway is Facebook branchee/cool these days?).

alwayslookingforanswers Thu 05-Nov-09 08:47:39

Madre - you know that you can hide applicatins from your news feed if there's too many of them smile

(is happy she no longer sees Mafia wars plastered everywhere grin)

I was dropped suddenly by a MNer the other day after I pointed out that "HACKER WARNING POST TO ALL YOUR STATUS UPDATES" - was merely a pita and not really helping - she got a bit arsey with me and dropped me.

wannabe - I have 100's of "friends" - majority of them on limited profile (ie they can see sod all about me) for various games I play

Chickenshavenolips Thu 05-Nov-09 08:49:06

I cull regularly. I add people sometimes just to be nosey, then once I've satisfied my curiosity...cull! grin

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